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July 6, 1996

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Dear MIM,

Thanks for the letter and info...
As far as the MPP-USA, etc., goes. What is the evidence or proof
that Luis Quispe is a police agent? As I understand it Adolfo
Oloachea has made the allegation without supporting it. I have
known Luis Arce Borja (LAB) for a number of years, I've duly read
every issue of El Diario Internacional since at least 1990 or so.
LAB is a nice enough guy, but over the years he seems to alienate
a lot of people, more from personal reasons than his politics. In
1993, he published the names of a number of people he claimed
were sell outs or police agents, this included some folks here in
Seattle, Paris and other places. (See July, 1993 issue of El
Diario Internacional, I still have a copy if you need it).
Needless to say, this was not viewed very favorably, especially
since nearly all these people still had relatives in Peru. Yet,
by 1995 LAB had "made up" with most of these people again!

>From the New Flag stuff I have seen, they did not call for LAB's
"overthrow," instead they questioned his call for a unified
solidarity movement led by himself and Adolfo. I don't think that
a political disagreement necessarily makes people "police agents"
or provocateurs. I'm of the opinion that being a snitch or
undercover cop is a capital offense. Because of that I think some
proof is required and the labels should not be bandied about as
lightly as they are in this country.

As far as Quispe having fingered Julio, the fellow in NY. This
allegation appears to have originated with Adolfo Olechea as
well. I have been consulted as to his legal options in battling
deportation and he received quite a bit of faulty advice from the
beginning. The first one was applying for political asylum from
the government (on his relatives' advice). Once he did that he
necessarily brought himself to the government's attention, he was
arrested at an immigration proceeding in Court. Before he
submitted his asylum application he was told repeatedly that was
not a good idea and he was being foolish in doing so. (My comment
was don't do anything, if arrested by the INS claim to be from
Mexico, but that is in the past). Having applied for asylum the
current situation was quite predictable.

As far as Dan Daxtell goes, it appears that his name has been
dragged into this mess by Adolfo and to a lesser extent by a folk
in Rhode Island who have sided with Adolfo. I have seen some of
the Internet exchanges on this topic and in my opinion they are
rather sleazy. Given the state of legislation in this country it
is not a good idea to be bandying people's names about as
supporting revolution unless they choose to do so. (The same
reason MIM members don't use their names). While I've never been
on Internet, I understand it is hardly a private forum. I have
read articles in pigs magazines to the effect that monitoring
them for political info, etc., was a source of info for the pigs.
Adolfo's publicizing Dan's name in the manner he did is what in
prison we would call "dry snitching," where someone doesn't run
to the man and tell on someone, they purposely say something in a
manner they know will be "overheard" by the pigs.

In many respects this current situation is one of deja vu all
over again. It was in the early 90's that LAB and Adolfo had a
falling out and called each other names [e.g., agents.] Now they
have made up with each other and want to form a new group with
themselves conveniently as the leadership and anyone who
disagrees with this is a police agent! I don't think it is
principled to resort to name-calling with people with whom ynu	
disagree politically. I thinK there is a lot to be said for
seeing how people work over a period of time. People are not
blank slates, in the cases of LAB and Adolfo, they come with many
pages. It seems that over the years they have an inability to
work with others in a consistent principled manner, due, in my
opinion, to problems of their own ego. I have seen Adolfo rather
immodestly refer to himself as the greatest thinker since Marx!
Since he has lived in England for the past 30 years, I'm not at
all sure what his relations to the PCP are. (He is a very good
writer and polemicist, I have read a number of his essays and
they are very good, but I wouldn't go on to compare him with
either Marx or Lenin.)

My own opinion with regards to Quispe and company is that over
the years they have done solid work in the realm of publishing
and distributing various PCP texts, propaganda work that I think
is very important. In 1994, when PLN found itself making an
abrupt transition from the west coast to the east coast they were
very helpful in assisting us get PLN out in a timely manner. A
situation which, under the circumstances then and now, wasn't at
all likely to lead to any type of political or financial gain. I
think that people need to be judged by their political work. So
far what I have seen by the New Flag is pretty good. Until I see
something more than just a bald allegation by Adolfo, I'm not
inclined to change my opinion. Adolfo is entitled to his
opinions, of course, but I don't think he is being responsible by
bandying people's names around on Internet or accusing people of
being police agents. So at this point I have to repeat my initial
question: what is the proof or evidence that Quispe, Dan Daxtell
or anyone else is a police agent beyond the fact that they have
second thoughts about following Adolfo and LAB?

A few months ago, I received the WMC "call" from Belgium. My
thought at the time was that it was a good idea but based on past
track records I didn't think LAB and Adolfo would be able to pull
it off because they seem to have rather divisive personalities.
Unfortunately, instead or either succeeding or quietly dying this
current mess has evolved where anyone not willing to fall into
line is a cop or some type of snitch. I think that is a rather
unfortunate state of affairs.

Okay, that's all for now. Reply when you get a chance to. I am
enclosing a flyer on the struggle for computers here (I don't
mention the propaganda implications of this for obvious reasons).
As things stand now we lose the machines on the 15th. Please
disseminate the info as best you can.

In Struggle,

Paul Wright

Note. PLN is a publication that supports the People's War at
least since the early 90's.

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