Olaechea and the Senderologists.

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On July 30, 1996, Strong told the Peruvian daily "La Republica",
one of the outlets controlled by Peru's "Servicio Nacional de
Inteligencia" (SIN): "Oleachea told me that Javier Esparza talks
by telephone with Abimael Guzman who is imprisoned in the Navy
base in Callao-Lima." If this is true, Olaechea "validates" the
groundless allegation of Fujimori. It also shows that Olaechea
and Javier Esparza were secretly cleared up of all charges by the
Peruvian regime. Fujimori's plan is to keep Arce Borja and
Olaechea in Europe so that they can attempt to "control" the
worldwide solidarity movement through a ghost "World Mobilization
Commission." La Republica confirmed it has spoken by phone with
Olaechea in which he confirmed Esparza was working for the
regime. Olaechea told La Republica: "Mr. Esparza is talking to
Chairman Gonzalo with the support, help and courtesy of Fujimori
and Vladimiro Montesinos." The PCP Central Committee has clearly
stated that such conversations never took place. According to
Strong, Esparza was clear up of charges to inform SIN on the
support movement in Europe. Couldn't this happening now with
Adolfo Olaechea and Arce Borja? Both Olaechea and Arce are in the
same Court file than Esparza, therefore, it is likely they were
also absolved. The PCP Central Committee has stated they are out
of the organic structure abroad.

Strong went on to praise to the skies his associates Arce and
Olaechea: "Both are the most important leaders in Europe. The
proof is that they continue to publish their pamphlet Diario
Internacional." La Republica quotes a SIN source: "In 1992, we
needed an excuse to extradite them so that we made it up that
they raise funds for Sendero. All of them will be clear up of
charges." However, we believe that the most important condition
SIN requests from Arce and Olaechea, in order to be cleared, is
to "split the support to the People's War" through an
illegitimate WMC. Olaechea's perdom by Fujimori is crucial to him
to collect a large inheritance left to him by his aunt Augusta.


Adolfo Olaechea wrote:
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Status: RO

Today I had a chat with Simon Strong the "BRITISH SENDEROLOGIST"
and he is planning to write something about the current situation
and the participation in Internet of people in favour of the
People's War.

Asi que le he dado los detalles de su correo electronico para que
les pida a uds. los documentos del PCP, y tambien como referencia
para quienes quieran comunicarse para obtener informacion sobre
la revolucion en el Peru porintermedio de la net.

[I gave him the details of your electronic mail so he can ask you
the documents of the PCP, and also as a reference to obtain
information on the Peruvian revolution through the net.]

Parece que piensa publicar un articulo en el Financial Times.  En
ese articulo va a mencionar su direccion electronica.

[Strong will publish an article in the Financial Times. In that
article he will mention your E-Mail.]

Ahora, Strong no es un "Senderologo" totalmente hostil, y por lo
menos con Lucho Arce y conmigo se lleva bastante bien.  Lucho
estaba una epoca amargo con el por haber sugerido en su libreo
que javier Esparza era un degenerado - lo que resulto verdad al
fin de cuentas!   Ahora, Lucho dice que le mandemos saludos y que
lo perdona!.

[Now, Strong is not a "Senderologist" totally hostil, therefore,
he is close to me and Luis Arce Borja. Luis Arce was upset with
him because Strong suggested in his book that Javier Esparza was
a degenerate that at the end it was true. Now Luis Arce sends his
greetings to Strong and apologize.]

Esto se los escribo para que esten prevenidos y lo traten bien.
Tratar bien quiere decir tratar respetuosa y colaborativamente,
sin querer esto decir que se le considere amigo de la revolucion
(OJO!) Es una responsabilidad que uds. pueden muy bien cumplir.

[I am writing to tell you that you must treat him well. You must
collaborate with him, this doesn't mean that he is friend of the
revolution. This is a responsibility that you must accomplish.]

[Revolutionary greetings.]

Saludos revolucionarios

Adolfo Olaechea

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On April 10, 1996 Ken Howard, alias K. Campbell (or Zodiac) wrote:

"I am increasingly forced to side with Adolfo, and against my
friends, on this issue of the PCP. I'm sure that makes Adolfo


It is crystal clear whom this cop is working for?

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