What is Behind MIM's Dealings with WMC.

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In the NF document "The Ambasadors of Fujimori, Arce and Olaechea are
bogus representatives of the PCP and traffickers of the People's War,"
we stated that underneath of the mantle of alliance of Arce and Olaechea
with the RCP "there was a long history of trafficking with false support
for the People's War and at the same actively discrediting the Peruvian
Maoists organized in the MPPs, as well as our foreign supporters..." In 1996,
they alllied themselves with the most reactionary sect os suspected origen
at the service of world counterrevolution: MIM. This alliance is not based on
Maoist revolutionary principles, but in capital investments and sharing of

Here is the evidence (of the many we received recently
>from supporters of the New Flag previously in MIM.)
MIM cannot deny the autenticity of this letter.
Letter from MIM to Luis Arce Borja.

November 5, 1994

Dear Comrade Luis Arce Borja:

We would like to invite you to join in the formation of a new
publication called the MIM Sojourner. The MIM Sojourner will be a
newspaper distributed in North America under the leadership of MIM
once a month.

MIM Sojourner will be open to all Maoist sojourners from oppressed
nations who uphold the Cultural Revolution and oppose ex-Soviet
revisionism and Chinese revisionism--the cardinal principles of the
MIM Sojourner. As the labor aristocracy is not as pressing an issue in
the oppressed nations, the labor aristocracy will not be a dividing line
question for the MIM Sojourner contributors.

A sojourner is someone who leaves his/her country with the expectation
of returning. In many cases, Maoist sojourners and people's
ambassadors expect to return to their countries after the victory of
revolution and the destruction of U.S. imperialism. We expect that
Peruvians, Filipinos, exiles from Azania and others will participate in
the MIM Sojourner. The Maoist sojourners in the United States,
Canada, England and other imperialist countries play a disproportionate
role in applying Maoism in the imperialist countries.

MIM Sojourner will be a newspaper that comes out once monthly at an
estimated cost of $15,000 a year. We have heard that you are looking
for distributors of your material. We also heard that you will not work
with the revisionist RCP, USA or other organizations that might be
interested in distributing your work. If so, we would like to print El D.
International in the newspaper format of MIM Sojourner as newspaper
printing is quite cheap here especially compared with xerox.

We would like you to make a suitable monthly contribution to its
publication after each issue comes out--at least $200 a month and
preferably $500 a month. For each issue, we would like you to send us
copies of your computer files, photos and graphics. We will reproduce
it all verbatim, but in newspaper format. The cost of the printing will
be in the $500 to $700 range. We would also like to spend about $500
a month hiring someone to produce the publication professionally.
More expenses will come in the form of postage. With strong
endorsements from the Peruvians abroad, the Filipinos etc., we can all
hope that the publication will eventually become self-sustaining with
support from sojourners and sympathizing anti-imperialists throughout
North America.

Of course since MIM is leading the publication, its participants will
take the risk of receiving some criticism from MIM. However, as long
as the cardinal principles are not violated, the other Maoists from other
countries will not be expected to uphold MIM centralism. They will
have their materials printed verbatim and have the opportunity of
rebuttal. Most of the time, MIM has little criticism of its Maoist
sojourner comrades...


MIM's Acting Minister of War.

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