Indonesis was Piranhas. Business Week on Indonesia.

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Aug 4 10:59:52 MDT 1996

    On current events in Indonesia, see a shit-eating editorial in
the Aug. 12 issue of Doug's chief competitor: Business Week. Also
a 2-page "news" spread entitled, "Tremors in Jakarta: Will political
uncertainty stall Indonesia's economy?"

    The editorial begins, "Indonesian President Suharto, 75, has
plenty to boast about. For the past three decades he has overseen
unprecendented growth and prosperity in his nation of 200 million."
No mention, of course, of any of the actualities of life in Indonesia
or East Timor. The editorial merely suggests that now is the time
to lighten up a bit on the oppression (not BW's word).

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