Cockroach EXTRA! Congress declares war on poor!

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>At 11:32 AM 8/4/96, Robert Malecki wrote:
>For those who haven't visited this site, I've lifted the following morsel.
>It would occur only to a genius to use the cockroach - revolting disease
>ridden critters who eat garbage and catshit - as an image for the working
>class, the expropriated creators of all wealth....
>>Perhaps we can learn something from the cockroaches struggle to survive
>>extermination. If the cockroach was smart, it would of did something
>>about their situation a long time ago. I mean just think if the
>>cockroaches had begun to organize themselves into trade unions or
>>started a newspaper called "Cockroach" claiming that they were going to
>>put and end to people who historically trying to exterminate them. That
>>might have saved a whole lot of lives and suffering for the cockroaches.


"There has never been a single deep and mighty movement in history without
filthy scum" - V.I. Lenin

Hi there Doug:

Yes.  You are right in calling attention to this issue of how a certain
"Left" views the revolutionary movement of the proletariat as a movement of
the "filthy scum" and propagandise this view with a smattering of catchwords
seeking to identify the "scum" with the hallowed and respected names of
"bolshevik", "Leninist", "Maoist", etc.

What Lenin was getting at is to the fact that it is *inevitable* that in any
mighty social upheaval, the *filthy scum* - which is a permanent product of
capitalist society and a bane on the proletariat upon whom they principally
prey - will also come to the surface, and in fact vie, under the guise of
"extreme anarchists", "super-revolutionaries", etc. with the Marxists for
leadership of the revolution.  Historical experience teaches that this has
been the case.

To that extent, and when the revolutionary movement is still in the process
of gathering strenght, it is impossible to avoid the presence of such
opportunism masquerading as revolutionism, and even as Leninism, Maoism, or
some such other ism which they deface and caricaturise with their antics,
serving thus the interests of the ruling classes whose aim is to drive the
masses away from Marxist ideas, organisations and programmes.

What must be done is to unmask the demagogy implicit in such
"rrrevolutionists" who pander to the basest instincts of the multitude, the
mob, when they USURP the title of Marxists to carry out their anarchistic
and provocateur activities.

That requires a general criticism of a certain petty bourgeois mentality
which has been developing among the left mileu - hand in hand with
revisionist and bourgeois liberal ideas - which seeks to sanctify and
glorify the "filthy scum".

Imagine, there are some people who think that - for an example - a drug
dealer and murderer who killed his accomplice for no other reason than to
attempt to pocket all their ill gained loot instead of his halve, can be a
character reference for their own "revolutionary credentials", and even
adjudge and hold forth "ex-cathedra" on the character of truly revolutionary
people whom such a person has never met in exchange for a couple of cartons
of Marlboroughs!

That it is enough that a person like this may have landed himself - for his
own rapacious (and very "bourgeois" motives) - into a jail run by the class
enemy of the proletariat, and that such a felon, in order to do something
useful with his time and attempt to redeem his criminal past, would embrace
revolutionist activities and seek to do work for the revolutionary cause, to
forget altogether that under the proletarian dictatorship such conduct would
not be tolerated either and even more stringent punishments would apply!.

I am talking here of a general trend - although such cases do exist in the
concrete world - I am talking of a general tendency to glorify the "roaches"
which runs counter to the proletarian outlook.

The problem is never with the individuals who seek to realise in the
revolution their own liberation from their own "filthy-scum" lives.  We
understand that they are to a great extent victims of the system too, and
not everything is their own responsibility - lack of opportunities, the
ghetto, and all that which malecki keeps reminding us day in and day out.

That is one side of the problem.  But to conclude from this, that such
people are in any way role models for the proletariat is really to use the
most twisted petty bourgeois logic and dress it up as Marxism.

The real culprits behind such "reverse snobbery" are the class enemy
ideologists and phoney "revolutionaries" who seek to convince such people
that they are some sort of heroes, when in fact they are nothing of the
sort.  It is the panderers to these base instincts, like the maleckis or the
kisspees, who should be pilliored and exposed.  They sully everything they
touch with their own filthy antennaes.


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