{4} Why "reds" are "nukes" - Debate with Louis N. P.

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Sun Aug 4 16:42:53 MDT 1996

{4} Why "reds" are "nukes" - Debate with Louis N. P.


On 02.08. you wrote (and now we seem to have gotten off
the subject a little, but since I'm to blame at least in
part, for that,I'll put in a few lines on our "new thread"
before trying to connect back to our original one):

>On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Rolf Martens wrote:

(not to Louis but to some other people who commented and
to whose technical/scientific points I promised to return later)

>> While waiting, you might perhaps put on a recording of that 1946
>> rendering of the Tad Dameron tune by that last name or something,
>> to put you in the IMO suitable mood (or at least feel the "Zeitgeist"
>> of, say, 1945-1975 - today still here, even more, only "sub surface".)

>Louis: Lord Jesus, finally some intelligence in a Martens post.

You (almost) stole my line there, Louis!

Only, perhaps we'd be a bit conceited in attributing that taste
in music which we obviously have in common to "intelligence"?!

May there be a connection, then, to nuclear power (which was the
original subject line under which you made that reply)? Well, that
was me thinking perhaps there is one, and in my "Appendix B" to
this posting, I'm making some further notes on this under a theme
"Science, society, culture, as reflected in two quotes".

And I liked an earlier posting of yours on that stuff, on 31.05
when you i.a. told us list subscribers one interesting thing which
at least I didn't know but would have guessed: That a "more roots
oriented jazz never died out in the black community".

>Tad Dameron wrote beautiful music, didn't he? My favorite
>interpreter of his music is Fats Navarro, by the way. (By the
>way, are you any relation to Doc Martens?)

Some great (but few) things by Fats Navarro, from 1949-50, I
have on tape and recors. My own personal favourite in that field
has long been Dizzy (aka John Birks Gillespie). I even heard him
live twice here in Southern Sweden.

To that Doc I don't think I'm related, never even heard of him.

My earlier German comrades never did understand modern music,
and to tell the truth, I saw that as a deficiency in them.
Klaus S., the chairman of the NE, when listening in Feb '90 to
one piece of what *I* thought was culture ( a recent theme of
discussion in that party then), thought it was disorganized
and "just went hither and thither like the cartoons of Walt
Disney". (I think he must have meant Tex Avery, who'd probably
not have been flattered by that mix-up, but whose things
perhaps were a certain parallell, too - see also my "App. B".)

Of course we don't want to shove various cultural things down
other people's throats. And in different countries and in
different circles, people naturally have different background
experience and different tastes. I on my part, when seeing
the recent discussion on the Marxism list on Russia, have
made the refelection that on the question of social-imperialism,
you Americans - whether North or South - in general seem to
be what some of us Europeans and Chinese, who have lived much
nearer the borders of the Soviet Union of later decades, might
call "incredibly ignorant and naive". That question, among
other things, was very well understood not only by Mao Zedong
but also, in part quite independently, by the German Klaus S.

It all goes to show - don't you think? - that what's needed,
among other things, is a big international cultural, ideological
and political-scientific synthesis.

But apart from that, I'd like to remind you of the first lines
of my last posting: Couldn't you tell us more precisely what
it is that has made you an opponent of nuclear energy?

"Appendices" this time:

A) Reply to Barkley R. on nuclear wastes
B) Science, society, culture, as reflected in two quotes

Rolf M.

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