Rally for Immigrants & Opposing 'Welfare Reform' cuts

neil chertcoff nchertco at lausd.k12.ca.us
Sun Aug 4 17:33:22 MDT 1996

On sunday, about 300 people, mainly young latinos and asians, held a lively
picket at the downtown LA Fed Bldg. to defend immigrants from scapegoating
attacks and to protest the bi-partisan  draconian Congressional "Welfare
Reform" bill that Clinton will sign any day.
The event was sponsored by a new coalition--Californians United for
Immigrants Rights.

The picket was lively and spirited and there was a lot of youthful activists.
But i think the rally organizers reformist politics showed their real
political weakness and lack of seriousness & backbone by  letting slick
talking liberal Democrats lord it over the microphone and paint themselves up
as real white knights in shining armour fighting for oppressed workers , poor
people and immigrants. This was especially hypocritical  and nausiating
considering the attacks by the rich being protested have a huge degree of
bi-partisan support. Experience of young activits fighting/organizing might
help them see clearer that bourgeois political attacks must be opposed
by militancy and revolutionary perspective , not begging or trying to gain
respectability. (some militants did angrily shout at the bourgeois pols as
thesy spoke. "Vendidos!" (sell-outs)was a popular chant! But we will need to
go farter than that!)

The attacks of this Welfare Reform bill alone will cut $55 billions over 6
years.This along with the other huge social service cuts($209 Billion) passed
a few months back  by Congress and president Clinton with others are even
more heartless and vicious than those of Reagan-bush.

The rich and their bribed pols see the opening to attack more now because of
the lack of organized militancy, movement building,  and class awareness .
But promoting droppings of ballot papers every other year is NOT going to
help matters today. Infact it just sows more illusions in the rulers state-
hence the state policy too. These lessons will have to be taken up anew with
the new opposition movements that are cropping up.

The rich pick the candidates and supply the funds for their media propaganda.
This is no terrian where socialists  or workers can hope to win. Especially
in this epoch where capitalism is ending its accumulation cycle and no
section of the bourgeois and their Corps. will grant reforms without hard
fought pier6 class struggles by workers, students, etc.
Maybe we can assist more conscousness today by active political abstention of
voting booths and more baseline, grassroots organizing of actions the
bourgeois and their reforom agents cannot get an easy hold of- to control.

This is is no way to demean or belittle the honest attempts by the new
young activists to take initiative and build up motion. New forces are
bound to make mistakes too. If they are honest ones , more experience of
struggle and taking marxist  political trends seriously, can advance the
cohesion and militancy, and political savvy to fare better in the class and
social battles ahead!


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