Cockroach EXTRA! Congress declares war on poor!

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Mon Aug 5 02:33:23 MDT 1996

> Imagine, there are some people who think that - for an example - a drug
> dealer and murderer who killed his accomplice for no other reason than to
> attempt to pocket all their ill gained loot instead of his halve, can be a
> character reference for their own "revolutionary credentials", and even
> adjudge and hold forth "ex-cathedra" on the character of truly revolutionary
> people whom such a person has never met in exchange for a couple of cartons
> of Marlboroughs!
> That it is enough that a person like this may have landed himself - for his
> own rapacious (and very "bourgeois" motives) - into a jail run by the class
> enemy of the proletariat, and that such a felon, in order to do something
> useful with his time and attempt to redeem his criminal past, would embrace
> revolutionist activities and seek to do work for the revolutionary cause, to
> forget altogether that under the proletarian dictatorship such conduct would
> not be tolerated either and even more stringent punishments would apply!.
> Adolfo

Could you clarify this and other statements you made in this article?
Perhaps offer a few examples where you think this has happened.

A large segment of the population partipates in, even depends on, the
"underground" economy, and a good number end up in prison. Some do this
out of necessity, others as an alternative to the drudgery of wage labor.
Do you consider these people your enemy? Morally bad? If so, do you think
their moral character is innate, that it will persist under the changed
material conditions of the proletarian dictatorship? as your comment about
"such conduct will not be tolerated" seems to imply.

And what about "even more stringent punishments"? Do you think prisons
and other forms of punishment, as they currently exist throughout the
world, are too humane?

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