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Mon Aug 5 03:56:46 MDT 1996

Louis P wrote:

>The quote from Trotsky and all other appeals you make for building
>a revolutionary party are simply repetitions of the very first post you
>made to the list. I told you at that time that these types of appeals are
>like hearing from a Jehovah's Witness carrying the Transitional Program.
>The quotes from Marx and Engels on the other hand are fresh and
>thought-provoking. It is really sad that you can't tell the difference.

Perhaps it hadn't occurred to Louis that Lenin and Trotsky were among those
who have previously had their thoughts stimulated by Marx and Engels, and
that they drew theoretical and practical conclusions from them. These
conclusions resulted in, say, State and Revolution, the October Revolution
itself, the Theory of Permanent Revolution and last but not least, the
Transitional Programme.

The thoughts may be new to you, as a result of the Stalinist stultification
of socialist discussion (and a reflection of this in SWP schooling
perhaps?), but for some of us they're a *living tradition*.

I've had those references in my own copy of the Correspondence on hand
since the late 1960s, when I made them, and they've been part and parcel of
my understanding of Marxism ever since. You'd be surprised at the number of
Marxists who are completely unaware of them (or then again, perhaps not).

As the Swedes say: Late wakes the sinner.



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