Indonesia and state strategy

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Mon Aug 5 03:56:53 MDT 1996

Zeynep writes:

>May I take this opportunity to ask if any list member has any views about
>"Low Intensity Warfare" strategy? Quispe posted some PCP documents about the
>subject, which although short, seemed pretty similar to the results we had
>arrived at here regarding the question. The analysis of the role of the
>state in 1990s I think deserves (cries for) being developed taking into
>consideration the new methods. The state, in our opinion, has taken on a new
>role of "orienting" the left, at unprecented levels using new methods. Some
>doors are literally opened for NGOs, left political parties, communist and
>revolutionary organisations. Selective violence, sophisticated
>misinformation and direct/indirect manipulation are applied while carrying
>out a medium term strategy.

This is interesting, but sounds as if it could be formulated in a way that
doesn't so one-sidedly flatter the strength and skill of the bourgeoisie.

Besides 'Low Intensity Warfare' the strategy can also be characterized as
'Bourgeois-Democratic Counter-revolution'.

But I think in general 'containment' could describe the strategy pretty
well, as opposed to 'crushing' or 'elimination', and when you ask what is
being 'contained', it would have to be the growing political strength of
the working class and its organizations. This would give the openings you
point to the character of *concessions* to our movement.

An awareness of this would make a lot of difference in strengthening the
confidence and conviction of our comrades. The scepticism in relation to
our own strength and potential reflected in the flattering
characterizations of the imperialists does just the opposite.

>Btw, I think, that theoretically, the last decade has made obsolete and
>proven wrong the previous structralist debate about the role of the state
>(Poulantzas/Milliband et al.) and the communists need to develop their
>analysis of the state if they hope to avoid being drowned, (usually in their
>own blood).

Could you be a bit more specific about the points you're thinking of?



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