Cockroach EXTRA! Congress declares war on poor!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Aug 5 03:48:03 MDT 1996

>For those who haven't visited this site, I've lifted the following morsel.
>It would occur only to a genius to use the cockroach - revolting disease
>ridden critters who eat garbage and catshit - as an image for the working
>class, the expropriated creators of all wealth....

Oh well Doug. In the French revolution they used the word "San clotes" or
something like it. But liberals i doubt would understand this stuff..

It is by the way not the cockroach that are responsible fot disease. It is
the human race that are the filthy ones that the coachroaches survive on.
You know that is why cockroaches and rats are drawn to cities. They were
doing just fine until the human race came along! Its not their fault the
human race are such pigs!


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