Cockroach EXTRA! Congress declares war on poor!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Aug 5 03:48:12 MDT 1996

>"There has never been a single deep and mighty movement in history without
>filthy scum" - V.I. Lenin
Aldolfo has changed his tune. When i first published the article he was
saying something entirely different. Naturally that was before the wars and
his getting his ass whipped politically on the United Front issues.

However, imagine Aldolfo taliking about principles after all of his articles
of cop,agent.Fijiomora facists, snake, threats of violence, and the latest
using "EYENET" (where he did the infamous interview) now to once again
endanger political opponents of his to the authorities of imperialism.

So i,m afraid your critisism just does not bite, In fact i do know that
there are weaknesses in the polemics around the Burn.Baby Burn stuff.
However the Rich and powerful have declard WAR on poor people!

Thus the neccessity of trying to reach them on their level to fight back and
move things forward..

Unfoprtunatly the "lunpen" poor mentality does exist and one has to take
sides. Why don,t you go and try to preach some of your maoist rhetoric to
the urban poor.
I know you are to busy "debatng" the liberals on this list or throwing shit
around at your political opponents that is far more vulgar then anything to
be found in Cockroach on this issue..

Aldolf, your a joke! A dangerous dilitante who uses the bourgeois press like
"EYENET" and slanders to paint your opponents as cops or followers of Hare
Hare or what ever. You have completely exposed you fake marxist credentials.

And will certainly continue along that course. Stalinism is dead! Good!


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