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>Date: Sat,  3 Aug 1996 13:01 AEST
>NOTE: An appeal for you to add your name to is at the end of this message.
>We will publish an expanding list as more people add their name to the list.
>The situation in Indonesia:
>a special appeal.
>The international media has been reported widely on the current political
>crackdown and resistance in Indonesia. Key developments to date have been:
>*       July 8 the President of the Indonesian Centre for Labour Struggles
>(PPBI), Dita Indah Sari, arrested during an assembly of 20,000 striking
>workers in the East Java city of Surabaya. Also arrested Coen Hussein Pontoh
>from the National Peasants Union and Mohammed Shaleh from Students in
>Solidarity with Democracy in Indonesia (SMID). They are still imprisoned are
>likely to be formally charged at any moment.
>*       July 27 members and supporters of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI)
>violently ejected from their offices in Jakarta by the Indonesian military.
>Between 47 and 100 people have been reported killed. The PDI says at least
>158 people still unaccounted for.
>*       Over 200 people reported arrested during rioting that followed the army
>attack on the PDI headquarters.
>*       The Surabaya and Jakarta offices of the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD)
>occupied by military and police. The Armed Forces have threatened to arrest
>all PRD personnel.
>*       August 1, Chairperson of the Workers for Prosperity Trade Union
>(SBSI), Mr
>Mokhtar Pakpahan, arrested and charged with subversion, apparently for
>giving speeches inside the PDI offices in recent weeks.
>*       August 2 5 members of the Yogyakarta branch and two from the
>Tangerang-Jakarta branch of the PRD arrested;
>*        Suharto approves a summons  for interrogation against  Megawati
>Sukarnoputri and other PDI members of parliament.
>We urge you
>: to sign and send back the attached letter
>: send on the attached letter to other people, by mail, fax or email.
>: send a donation of money to ASIET that we can use to help ongoing
>: if you are in Australia make sure you attend the August 24-25 National Day
>of Solidarity with East Timor in your  city and hand out leaflets regarding
>these developments. Contact local groups to get details.
>: attend any other demonstrations or events organised in solidarity with the
>Indonesian democracy movement.
>P.O.Box 458, Broadway 2007, Australia.
>Fax: 02-6901381
>Email: asiet at
>Message from Max Lane,
>National Coordinator of ASIET,
>lecturer and researcher at the Institute for International Studies,
>University of Technology, Sydney and
>translator of works of WS Rendra and Pramoedya Ananta Toer.
>I am signing the enclosed statement and helping circulate in widely in
>Australia and around the world. I would appreciate it if you would copy any
>of your responses to me and let me know of other news you hear.
>The situation is critical and many people in Indonesia need our support and
>At the same time the situation is full of hope for change. Not to help at
>this moment would be a failure in solidarity.
>We will publish an expanding list of signatures.
>Please consider the following actions:
>Sincerely yours,
>Max Lane
>(Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor, PO Box 458, Broadway,
>NSW 2007, Australia, email adddress: asiet at
>Having seen reports and television coverage of the events of the past weeks
>in Jakarta,
>we call on the Indonesian government to:
>-- release all people detained following the military assault on the
>headquarters of  the Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (PDI) on 27 July, including
>those like Mokhtar Pakpahan, later taken into custody
>-- release the leaders of the Partai Demokrasi Rakyat (PDR) arrested in
>Surabaya on 8 July (Dita Sari, Hussein Pontoh and Mohamed Soleh)
>-- end all intervention into the internal affairs of the PDI and restore
>recognition of the elected leadership
>-- end all repression against the PDI and PRD and permit freedom of assembly
>and association
>Please provide your name, address and any affiliation or organisation.

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