Karl Carlile joseph at indigo.ie
Mon Aug 5 18:08:22 MDT 1996

Karl: I agree that I made a mistake in this regard. I therefore
sincerely apologise to you for calling you a Lisa.

> Like you said Karl, it's all there in the archives.  [... ellipses
> indicate my deletions in the post below]
> I don't lie.
> If _I_ said those things, I would not deny it.  Besides, don't you
> think I know when I'm posting to a public access archive?  Like I've
> said before, those who suspect everything are the most gullible of
> all, and you even fooled yourself.  You thought you'd really caught
> me out, but you only caught yourself.
> You messed up a quote _and_ called me a liar when I corrected you,
> but now who's full of chicken shit?
> Next time, clean up your own mess.
> Lisa
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> From: sophist ...
> Subject: victor>>Re: from Diane -Reply
> ...  It's the very nature of the M1 list to be paranoid!! My gods, is
> it not obvious. Stop and read the posts, that is those, other than
> KC's or responses to him. The name of the game on M1 is ... *THEY are
> going to get us!* Marx and his texts, as much as Freud and Nietzsche
> and their texts, attract such types! Or, perhaps better put, attracts
> the uncanniness/the stranger knowing at the door in all of us.  This
> is not to say, by any means at all, that these texts are not of the
> utmost importance and that blah, blah, blah.
> ...
> Therefore, why don't we take a shit and flush and get off the pot.
> And live with the outcome ... whatever that might be. And stop these
> half-measures.
> ...
> Either we let them all be and die of banality and boredumb or pull
> the plug!
> ...
> Someone want to second this e-motion?
> Victor
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                              Yours etc.,

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