The return of Don Azcueta --er, I mean Don Adolfo!

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Mon Aug 5 17:15:50 MDT 1996

Well, well. after a week of stony silence, the great snitch buster
returns!   This is the same great Don Adolfo who led a campaign
back in the early months of the year against the snitch Azcueta
in Peru, where he ended up saying that we're better off to let the
snitch live among us!  Was he perhaps anticipating the future,
where his Canadian admirer and publicist would himself publish
names, street addresses and various other details, claiming
that these items of "informtion" referred to PCP supporters in
the U.S. who oppose the great Adolfo's pet project, the World
Mobilization to Defeat the Supporters of the Peruvian Revolution?

What does Don Adolfo have to say about the blatant attempt
by "journalist" KKKCampbell to "finger" private information to
the authorities monitoring this list?  He who did his level best
to manufacture a "fingering" incident to blame on the New Flag
(in the case of Julian Calero, who was in fact never mentioned
nor referred to prior to his arrest at his assylum hearing)?

Campbell clearly ANNOUNCED his intention to "finger" supporters
of the People's War; he called it a "game"! He even told tall
tales about scouring many information sources to come up
with his "information".  Yet after his brief hiatus, Adolfo waltzes
back in with nary a wink nor a comment on this blatant snitch
job by his pal.  Instead, he just launches into berating Bob
Malecki, as usual.
In a message dated 96-08-04 17:18:41 EDT, Adolfo writes:

<<  forget altogether that under the proletarian dictatorship such
conduct would not be tolerated either and even more stringent
punishments would apply!.>>>

Does "such conduct" include blatent attempts to snitch,
Herr Oleachea?

>>> I am talking here of a general trend - although such cases
do exist in the concrete world - I am talking of a general tendency
to glorify the "roaches" which runs counter to the proletarian outlook.>>

And what about failing to denounce snitches, Don Adolfo?  You
were real big on that a few months ago, when those who held
back from such denunciation were your rivals du jour!  Does
glorifying snitches still run counter to the proletarian outlook in
your book?  Or just roaches?

>>> The problem is never with the individuals who seek to
realise in the revolution their own liberation from their own
"filthy-scum" lives.  We understand that they are to a great
extent victims of the system too, and not everything is their
own responsibility - lack of opportunities, the ghetto, and all
that which malecki keeps reminding us day in and day out.

 That is one side of the problem.  But to conclude from this,
that such people are in any way role models for the proletariat
is really to use the most twisted petty bourgeois logic and dress
it up as Marxism. >>>

Yet you yourself glorify and stroke the ego of just such victims
of "filthy scum lives" when you encourage, or at least look the
other way as your "great Maoist" followers engage in playing
private eye in the service of what is known as "dry snitching".

>>> The real culprits behind such "reverse snobbery" are the
class enemy ideologists and phoney "revolutionaries" who seek
to convince such people that they are some sort of heroes,
when in fact they are nothing of the sort.  It is the panderers to
these base instincts, like the maleckis or the kisspees, who
should be pilliored and exposed.  They sully everything they
touch with their own filthy antennaes.>>>

Hmmm... this does sound familiar: convincing certain people
they are some sort of hero, like claiming to be "the proven
defender of the Peruvian Revolution" and other such shit;
throwing quotes around like they're candy to impress the
"masses"; then using those "masses" to do the dirty work
of causing confusion and diverting people's energy from the
work of promoting understanding of the political line of the
PCP and support for the People's War that it leads.

(no more milkmaid--I traded in my pail for a rocket launcher,
armed with filthy-opportunism-seeking smart shells!)

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