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Mon Aug 5 18:29:51 MDT 1996

Hello Rahul,

You wrote:

>Methane, while nowhere near as abundant as hydrogen and helium, is present
>in fairly large quantities in space. The relative abundance of octane is
>such that it makes about as much sense to look for it out there as to mine
>the interiors of second-generation stars for gold.
>The point of Rolf's statements, even if they were true, is not at all
>clear. Is he suggesting that collecting methane from "cosmic" sources will
>be feasible any time in the foreseeable future?

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear enough.

The point I wanted to make is that the CHEMICAL fuels on *Earth*,
which are ERRONOUSLY and, by the bourgeois media, CONSCIOUSLY
MISLEADINGLY, called "fossil" fuels, in order to make it appear
that they are "scarce", in reality, as a great number of facts show,
have a *cosmic' origin, meaning, that they were there from the very
beginning, when the Earth was formed, and *in great quantities* too,
which means that there *are such enormous amounts here* of oil and gas
that we humans don't have a chance of finishing them off, even if
we should try, before they have become quite outdated in comparison
to nuclear fission and fusion.

You're pointing out that methane is fairly common in space.

Thank you for that. It's, on the whole, news to me.

What I did know was that the outer planets have enormous
amounts of methane in their atmospheres but that the compositions
of the inner planets, fom Mars on, are rather different. And that,
nevertheless, the amounts of methane in/on these planets are
not insignificant (astronomically speaking).

According to Thomas Gold, who is the author, as far as I have
understood, of the "pore" theory concerning the surface of the
Earth, the main amounts of methane (etc) have risen towards the
surface, while iron and nickel have sunk towards the core of the
Earth, through these pores which he maintains have existed.

And large amounts of methane and similar stuff (the basis for
gas and oil) during the millions (billions) of years since the
formation of Earth have escaped from the depths to the surface and
have either formed new compounds or have escaped into space.

But in many places, for instance in the Siljans Ring here in
Sweden, where there was a big meteorite hit some 360 million
years ago which heated and melted the surface layer, the nature
of the surface has prevented the escape of those substances.

Which means that there's plenty of oil and gas in many places.

Which means that the oil shares my friends and I bought should
have been giving us solid dividends by now, if it hadn't been that,
unfortunately, capitalism is managed by the capitalists, including
not least their politicians, who don't even want to manage a
proper capitalism any more but only want to climb up the walls
and draw them up after themselves, i.e, they only want to
return to the Midddle Ages, for fear of revolution today.

Of course we knew that when we bought those shares; we knew of
the *political* risks, and we i.a. wanted to encourage those poor
sods among the capitalists who still want to *develop* things a
litle and don't want to kill civilization off completely at once.

It was the economical crisis here in Sweden from 1990 on that
contributed towards the killing of that project.

Those enormous amounts of oil and gas which there, most probably,
still are in that region of Sweden, are going to be expoited after
the socialist revolution here, though, provided they then still
are modern enough to compete for yet some decades or so with nuclear
energy, which will of course in the main take over under socialism.

No "space mining" yet for me Rahul. I've been doing my best to
contribute towards our "ordinary" Earth surface's being mined. Only
that try wasn't good enough, so we must continue to make socialist
revolution in order, in the future, to be able to exploit those
resources which *are* here, which are down-to earth etc and not
illusory, such as the "sun" and "wind" power of some reactionary
ignorant idiots. (It's all so *thin*, that energy - isn't it,
Rahul? - that, all "development" notwithstanding, it *must* reamin
expensive, and so it's only a device by which some pepople are
hoping to fool some small children into believing that "there are
no effective energy resources today"!.)

Rolf M.

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