Cockroach EXTRA! Congress declares war on poor!

hariette spierings hariette at
Mon Aug 5 18:42:33 MDT 1996

>     Ah, you are not waiting for your self-appointed
>"designated debater" to step forward before you are
>declaring those found guilty in the Moscow Trials
>to be the "worst filthy scum," "wreckers," (a term
>that would be a total joke if it were not for the fact
>that people got executed for being found "guilty" of it),
>not to mention that great howler, "mountebank."  Methinks
>you have been hanging out in too many fancy drawing rooms
>over there in merrie olde England, Lord Olaechea.  Egads!
>     I can think of a lot worse types than the victims
>of the Moscow Trials.
>Barkley Rosser

Are you thinking about yourself, then Blarney?  Do you already deserve to be
among the rogues galleries of notorious anti-communists along with Hitler
and Mussolini?  Keep trying and you might still get there!  Meanwhile,
sounding like a refried from the Reader's Digest is still no capital crime
in this list, while sounding like malecki is very close already!


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