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Finally, what they so strenously denied - that their campaign denying the
Central Commitee of the PCP clear position of 100% police plot regarding the
slanderous campaign of "Peace Agreement" plot engineered by the CIA and the
Fujimori secret agents, the turncoats Javier Esparaza and Carlos and Delia
La Torre, the Sol Rojo (the real MPP in Europe according to the kisspees),
and the kisspees themselves with their "part police plot/part two line
struggle" concoction, amounted to a slander campaign against the leader of
the PCP Chairman Gonzalo, against maoism and against the revolution, is
demonstrated for all Maoists and truly revolutionary people to see.

The Co-Rim leaders - who denied that such was the case when confronted at
the Stalin Society meeting of April 14 by the indictment of comrade Olaechea
of their thesis as an "underhand slander upon the communist condition of
Chairman Gonzalo" - now do not bother anymore with the veils, expressing the
Fujimori propaganda in quite these blatant and obvious terms:

>From the Avakianist newspaper Revolutionary Worker #867, Aug.4,1996) Quotes
are from the article "On the Stakes of the Two-line Struggle in Peru";

"With the regime controlling all access, it is still impossible
to confirm with certainty that Chairman Gonzalo is in fact
supporting the Peace Accord line, but this possibility has
increased and revolutionaries have to face up to it--in order
to really strengthen the correct political position of opposing
this right opportunist line of ending the War.

There have been developments since the Peace Accord proposal was
first announced that cannot be easily explained by the analysis
that Chairman Gonzalo's role in this is a "hoax".  This "hoax"
explanation was the initial sense of many revolutionaries, and
this was a position announced in a document  released by the
Central Committee of the PCP shortly after the Peace Accord
proposal was first made public by the regime."

"...  But while the final word is not in, the possibility
is growing that Chairman Gonzalo has taken a wrong turn, away
>from the revolutionary direction he charted for the PCP before
his capture."

"...  But whether or not Chairman Gonzalo is himself supporting
the Peace Accord line, it must still be fought vigorously as a
two line struggle.  Whether or not CG is among them, a section
of people from the PCP, including some who have held leading
positions, are rallying around and extensively arguing a right
opportunist line for the future course of that Party.  In short,
there's a major line struggle, and for this fundamental reason the
Committee of the RIM has based its position on a careful study
of the political lines, analyzed them according to Maoist revolutionary
principles, and has joined this struggle with its focus sharply
centered on these issues of line.

>From the Article "Document on 2LS from CoRIM" (same issue):
...We would be overjoyed if it turns out that, in fact, he is not
supporting this Peace Accord line.  Or, if he is supporting this
line, we would welcome a change in his views.  But we first and
foremost have to deal with this line, and, as part of that, we
have to be prepared for the possibility that Chairman Gonzalo is its
main proponent.

...  History has shown that even important leaders of the proletariat
who had made real and lasting contributions to our struggle can
become champions of a wrong line.  While conclusive proof of CG's
support for the "struggle for a peace accord" is still lacking,
even if such proof were to reach us it should not and will not push
us off the path we have, in full consciousness, elected."

The comrade forwarding us this information makes the following comment which
we reproduce since it help to show what depths of self-delusion can be
plumbed by the Avakian/Sol Rojo/Kisspee vermins:

Comment:  These are just very brief excerpts, but the message is clear,
that the CC of the PCP cannot handle this struggle, or admit to
its existance.  The Articles are by CoRIM.  An avakianist that I kicked out
of my house yesterday morning insisted that the "PCP had to answer to
RIM"  they "had to do what RIM tells them".

Adolfo Olaechea

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