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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Aug 5 21:29:26 MDT 1996


I have just received this through the internal mail of my univeristy, which
boasts proudly about being "a university for the real world."  I thought it
extremely ironic that when we are about to discuss the actions of the
murderous Suharto reigme, the academy here is anxious to get in there an
pick up the crumbs from the tables of the glutted dictatorship.

At times like this I can well understand the hatred of non-academics for
those of us who live and work in academe.



At 02:13 PM 8/5/96 +1000, you wrote:
>The Division of Research and Advancement has established an Indonesian
>Reference Group to bring together QUT staff members who have dealings in
>Indonesia who may assist in analysing marketing and other information which
>may impact on QUT's involvement in Indonesia.
>The principal focus of the Group will be to develop a QUT Business Plan
>which covers all opportunities for QUT in Indonesia.  The Reference Group
>hopes to consult widely within the University so that the Business Plan will
>have acceptance by the University community.
>The Reference Group would like to hear from any QUT staff member who has had
>any substantive liaison with Indonesia.
>Matters such as:
>. capability to speak Bahasa Indonesia
>. the type and extent of your dealings/linkages in Indonesia
>. contacts with key individuals in Indonesia
>. any other information which may of interest to the Reference Group.
>I would be pleased to receive any feedback on the above matters by 19 August
>The Reference Group hopes to eventually establish an Indonesian Email group
>to advise on activities within the University.
>Richard Shenton
>Projects Officer
>International and Continuing Education Office
>Telephone 5453

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