The return of Don Azcueta --er, I mean Don Adolfo!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Aug 5 23:53:17 MDT 1996

Gina writes;
>Well, well. after a week of stony silence, the great snitch buster
>returns!   This is the same great Don Adolfo who led a campaign
>back in the early months of the year against the snitch Azcueta
>in Peru, where he ended up saying that we're better off to let the
>snitch live among us!  Was he perhaps anticipating the future,
>where his Canadian admirer and publicist would himself publish
>names, street addresses and various other details, claiming
>that these items of "informtion" referred to PCP supporters in
>the U.S. who oppose the great Adolfo's pet project, the World
>Mobilization to Defeat the Supporters of the Peruvian Revolution?
>What does Don Adolfo have to say about the blatant attempt
>by "journalist" KKKCampbell to "finger" private information to
>the authorities monitoring this list?  He who did his level best
>to manufacture a "fingering" incident to blame on the New Flag
>(in the case of Julian Calero, who was in fact never mentioned
>nor referred to prior to his arrest at his assylum hearing)?
>Campbell clearly ANNOUNCED his intention to "finger" supporters
>of the People's War; he called it a "game"! He even told tall
>tales about scouring many information sources to come up
>with his "information".  Yet after his brief hiatus, Adolfo waltzes
>back in with nary a wink nor a comment on this blatant snitch
>job by his pal.  Instead, he just launches into berating Bob
>Malecki, as usual.

I agree that King Aldolfo was behind his court reporter from EYENET in
trying to set up people. Although he was not here at the time. In fact he
used a person from Detroit to do the dirty work of posting this stuff. And
if i remember correctly Aldolfo was spilling some crodile tears a couple of
months back because the person was being attacked for his personal lumpen
life style. In fact this is the same person who has been involved in the
photographing and threats to publish pictures of people who oppose the WMC.

So all of Aldolfo's words about the PHILTHY lumpen elements(attention MIM)
mean dipshit in relationship to the deeds of Aldolfo.

The deeds prove that all lumpens who do Aldolfo,s dirty work get amnesty, as
long as they are prepared to support his activities. All others will be
shot(Attention MIM) as soon as they no longer are of any use to Aldolfo or
oppose his bankrupt political line..


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