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Tue Aug 6 05:45:09 MDT 1996

Karl: Gary, you entirely miss the significance of the events surrounding
the mail of mine you refer to.

I will very briefly outline some of these events.

I had joined the Foucault List and made several interventions. As a
result of my interventions I was mailbombed by moderators concerned
with that List. I was verbally abused and then without any forewarning
expelled from that List.

I protested against this mailbombing and expulsion from that List. It
is my conviction as a marxist that the correct thing to do was to
expose the undemocratic nature of certain moderators on the List and
call for my immediate reinstatement on that Foucault List.

Marxism is not just about theoretical outpourings in cyberspace. It
is about politics which entails attempting to expose the undemocratic
character of instituions even if they possess mainly cyberspatial

My view is that your criticsms should be directed at the moderators
who abused their power by expelling me from the Foucault List. I find
it ironic that I, the victim, am criticised by you and not the Spooon

Concerning Ireland there is no reluctance on my part to discuss it at
all  anymore than than I am reluctant to discuss the
United States. The United States is a much more violent society than

I apologised to Lisa because I made a mistake not because the essence
of my messages concerning my victimization are incorrect.

Concerning filtering out my messages that is your choice. But remember
one thing! This recent messages I have sent out were a result of the
abuse of power by Spoon moderators who were essentially backed up by
the Spoon Collective. Given that you were so eager to criticse my
actions I challenge you to exress on the List your opposition to
Spoon actions against me.


rather than those responsible for this victimization.

> At 12:08 AM 8/6/96 +0000, you wrote:
> >Dear Karl,
> Recently comrade Proyect asked you to cease prowling around the battlements
> like a Quasimodo.  I want to endorse this plea.  Speaking as someone who
> regards you as one of  the most talented people on this list, I am aghast at
> your recent tack.  You are now about to go on my automatic delete list.
> You seem to have caught a fit of the cyber madness that is endemic to this
> medium.  Please get over this obsession and get on with your theoretical
> work.  I understand all too well  your reluctance to write about Ireland. I
> share this in full measure, but you could perform a service here, if you
> were to try and take us through the recent developments.
> Or what about a posting on the Manifesto?  You wanted to start a theory
> group, why not post and give over this nonsense which only demeans you and
> results in a collective loss to those who wish to hear what you have to say?
> This list is actually dying. I do not say  that lightly or gladly.  I once
> loved being a participant. But now alas it has  dengenerated into a series
> of the most disgusting and or irrelevant flame wars. And frankly, comrade
> your little war is one of the worst examples of the latter.
> A final plea then to give over and get back to what you do best.  Help us
> all renew and advance socialist thought.
> Yours in solidarity
> Gary

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