The Evolution of Cuban Communism or Cuban Socialism?

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Tue Aug 6 06:59:08 MDT 1996

This particular thread began, if I am not mistaken, with a comment from Shane
Mage on Cuba.

Pardon me for returning to this theme.  Since it is summer, I have had the
opportunity to spend a little time here and there in the Sierras and thus may
miss some days on this list.

Mage said, among other things, that Cuba found itself caught between the USSR
and US aggression.  The former contributed to the bureaucratic distortion of
the regime, while the latter's hostility gave Castro little alternative

Louis P. objects to this yet it is fact!  Then he refers to positions taken
by Shane Mage, Jim Robertson and myself in 1961 within the SWP.  I must say,
having subjected much of my political career to sharp criticism (see
Prophet's Children), I still feel quite comfortable with the views the three
of us put forward at the June 1961 SWP convention.  Sadly history has shown
us to be correct (regardless of where as individuals we have ended up) and
the SWP (and I assume Louis P.) wrong.

Cuba has never developed "working class forms of rule" as the SWP predicted.
 In fact it became a one party state dominated by the personality of Fidel.
 Despite this situation it has achieved some very positive reforms for its
people.  I have been there and seen both sides of the reality.  Yet it
remains totay very far from what we as socialists should be advocating as the
alternative to capitalism

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