Is the marxism list dying?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Aug 6 08:48:51 MDT 1996

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Hans Ehrbar wrote:

> I have to go.  I have a dentist appointment.  I will be back.

Louis: Make sure they drill your brain while they are at it. One of the
biggest problems this list has is you, Hans. You are totally lacking in
perspective and judgment. You have helped to create a creepy tone on this
list that stays with us like the smell of day old fish. Instead of
constantly trying to analyse the list with pop psychology, it would have
helped for you to act as a responsible leader.

I have no idea what is going to happen with the Marxism list. If it dies,
I will make sure that I will stay in touch with all of the friends and
comrades I have made over the past year or two.

In terms of what's needed, clearly it has been a utopian enterprise to
combine so many different voices under the one rubric of Marxism. When we
had the PCP crisis earlier in the year, the decision to create Marxism 2
was a symbol of the fecklessness of all of the Spoons Moderators,
including yourself.

Nearly two years ago I urged you folks to re-tool the lists so that people
could find a forum that is in tune with their interests. People who want
to discuss Althusser usually don't want to discuss the PCP or the Labor
Party, and vice versa.

People in charge of this medium should be more creative and pro-active.
Just as there is no single Marxist magazine or journal, there can be no
single list that accomodates so many clashing interests and perspectives.
Just as there is space for "Rethinking Marxism", there should be space for
"Monthly Review". The biggest problem we face here is the passivity and
political inexperience of people like Hans, Jon and Lisa, etc.

At any rate, you all can pull the plug whenever you want. I have the email
addresses of everybody I want to stay in touch with. And, trust me, stay
in touch I will.

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