Guy Debord

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Tue Aug 6 11:48:43 MDT 1996

Thanks, Tom.  Thought I would mention that there is an excellent
introduction to the situationists by Bradley MacDonald in the last
*Rethinking Marxism*. Interesting that you would find them boring.  Weren't
they after all trying to challenge a society which had become flattened or
even numbed by the universalization of the commodity form? I wish I had
MacDonald's essay in front of me; however, I read it in the bookstore.


>I personally find the subject of situationism extremely boring, but
>those of you who are interested may like to know that a guy in
>Helsinki named T P Uschanov is constructing a Guy Debord page on the
>Worldwide Web.
>His e-mail address is: tuschano at
>His personal web page is:
>and it's sort of interesting.

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