{3} Why "reds" are "nukes" - Debate with Louis N. P.

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 6 11:16:46 MDT 1996

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Rolf Martens wrote:

> You didn't reply at all to my question: Why more specifically do
> you hold that nuclear energy is a bad thing? Couldn't you try to
> make that clear to me and others? If you don't, how is it possible
> to discuss such matters at all?

Louis: I don't think nuclear energy is a "bad thing". Capitalism is a bad
thing. I am not for capital punishment under capitalism. I can see it
serving a useful purpose in a society that has just overthrown capitalism
and has to deal with the remnants of the old guard. Nuclear energy is also
a "neutral" force that has to be placed in class context.

> This is something which all the main media in the USA, in=20
> Sweden etc for more than a decade now very energetically=20
> have been trying to make people believe. Is it true? Is there=20
> today a genuine risk of a man-made unfavourable global
> warming? In my point =A42 above I'm being somewhat cautious

Louis: This is just not true. The efforts to expose the danger of nuclear
energy, global warming, air and water pollution, etc. comes from radicals
who are professional scientists. People like Barry Commoner, for example,
have done more to raise consciousness around these questions than any
member of the bourgeoisie. The problem you have in discussing these
questions, Rolf, is that you abstract them from the existing class
relations of the societies that deal with them. You never speak about the
history of the US nuclear power industry and its relationship to the US
government. These questions have been dealt with by Marxists and if this
list is still around in a couple of days, I may report what some of them
have said.

By the way, Rolf, in the future you don't have to announce to the list
that you are cross-posting your gems to all the different lists and
newsgroups that you haunt. This is like hearing from a 3 year old, "I just
made doody!"

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