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Tue Aug 6 12:17:41 MDT 1996

John Bergsing <tomcat at> wrote:

>Don't you worry, Malecki I will be coming to you...with my AK!

This is very funny John. But remember that poor and working class=20
people know how to use guns also. In fact many of them got their=20
training in Vietnam and the Gulf War..

mdjones at (Mike Jones) wrote:

>In article <4tut0v$923 at>,
>   malecki at (Robert Malecki) wrote: a mass of unintelligible=20

>Malecki, you're an idiot. You haven't the foggiest goddamn idea of what the=
>hell you're trying to talk about. All this crap you are spewing is just a=
>of pessimistic, wishful thinking on the part of some petty-assed small=
>nitwit with shit for brains. You obviously watch too damn many low-class=
>My suggestion to you is to get out amongst real people in the sunlight for=
>awhile. Will do wonders for your perspective on life. Who knows, might even=
>help get your IQ above room temperature.

>Quit wasting the mental faculties of productive people. MIke.

Why Mike,

B films? Were the riots in the past B-films. Or was it 24 hour news on=20
CNN and other media channels. Obviously the only one who is out of touch=20
with reality is you. I guess you don,t know anything about poor people=20
or the ghettoes. In fact the films like "Boys in Hood" make black middle=20
class ideology logical. Both silly and dead wrong.

So the dream world is in fact the Hollywood movies. The ghettoes and=20
the prisons that house the millions of poor in America are real and=20
seething with both hate and despair.

And the small minds are those who purpose the cuts in welfare to=20
fianance tax cuts for coporations and the middle class. This so they=20
can buy some more goodies for their nice house and stuff.

Well, i think that it is time to take the war home to those who are=20
trying to bury poor and working class people..


mdjones at (Mike Jones) wrote:

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>   hittman at (Dave Hitt) wrote:

>Don't have much balls either. I am confused by this mindset to pay people=
>NOT commit crime. Do we send vast amounts of dollars to terrorist groups=
>to bomb American planes and American buildings? Since when do we start=
>American citizens and illegals at times for NOT burning their neighborhoods=
>and cities? This is focking lunacy.
>Some might even call it extortion. And the liberals have the gall to call=
>conservatives 'extreme'.

The big lie! In fact welfare was a product of the new deal. A cheap way to=
keep the racist society of America from burning down. The Welfare=
of America have never been given a chance to get and education or jobs.=
until the fifties they could not even go in a white school in the south.

And also America supports "terrorists"! How about Pinochet in Chile, The=20
Iran Contra Affair, Support to Afghan Rebels, Support to every righ wing=20
dictatorship in Cental America. Support for the Dictatorship in Indonesia.

Support to Jeltsin in crushinf Thetchenian..

Support to Fujimora in Peru

How about more closer to home! The SWAT teams. The various local and=20
national units who indiscriminately murdered the Panthers. How about=20
the slaughter in Philadelphia.

How about the recent Mexican American brutally beaten by the cops.

That is the kind of extremism you support. Extremism directed at poor=20
at working class people all over the world..


"Jeffrey G. Micono 9409 (Ktech)" <jgmicon at> wrote:

>Tell you what.  How about trying your "ideas" in Sweden, and
>see how well everyone likes them over there.  There are poor
>people even in socialist Sweden.  Mobilize and help them.
>Go dismantle the wealth of AB Volvo and distribute it to the
>poor in Sweden or something.  That should be a good warm-up
>act leading up to your proposed grand finale of an overthrow of the
>United States Government.

How about the below! On Sweden...
And if you interested there is plenty more!


AN A                                                         =20


Recently the United Nations gave and award to Sweden because of its=20
work on equality. Obviously the United Nations representatives have=20
had the wool pulled over their eyes or are blind to the fact that=20
Sweden has become a racist society.
That in Sweden, discrimination and segregation in the workplace, in=20
the living areas, in the schools, has become a serious problem and=20
in some areas of the country, general praxis. That in other words=20
means that 20% of the population (non Swedes and families of the=20
first and second generation of non Swedes) are treated unfairly,=20
undemocratically and unequaly.
Furthermore the situation has become so serious that last night on=20
national TV, on the program Striptease, we had a situation where=20
Swedes in a little town in the south quite openly defended a racist=20
youth gang who murdered a black youth in brutal cold blood. Where a=20
leader of this bloodthirsty mob was allowed on the program to defend=20
their program of extermination. In fact, a Jewish woman was forced=20
to leave the program because she refused to be in the same room with=20
this racist. This Jewish woman stated that she felt that she was=20
reliving the thirties of Germany once again.
So naturally one has to question the sanity of those in the United=20
Nations who have given this award to Sweden. The equality for the=20
non-Swedes in      Sweden is beginning to look like the equality=20
black people had in Alabama or    Little Rock, Arkansas in the United=20
States during the late fifties and early    sixties... Believe me, I=20
was there.
When I say racism, I mean the general rise in vicious attacks on=20
non-Swedes. People murdered in cold blood on public streets or thrown=20
in to lakes      after being severely beaten, in order to die. I mean=20
the burning of crosses on the front lawns of people's homes. In fact=20
even firebombing of homes and stores owned by non-Swedes. These acts=20
of ever increasing terror are perpetrated on people who's only crime=20
is not being a Swede or having black skin.
The courts, the prosecutors and even the minister of justice appear=20
to be paralysed and do nothing to stop these racist attacks. In fact=20
there is a death sheet with 300 names on it, people the racist=20
terrorists say should die. One prosecutor actually recommends people=20
not to do anything when confronted with his or her name on it.
Recently the courts sentenced a non-Swede for protecting his home=20
>from a vicious attack by racists. For months these people were being=20
persecuted by    the racists and even their house was repeatedly=20
attacked and windows and  doors smashed. When the man in the family=20
defended himself, he was tried and convicted for injuring one of the=20
People are literally being burned out of their homes by racist gangs.=20
Firebombs in the middle of the night and crosses burning on the lawn.=20
Does this sound like "equality" to the United Nations? To me it sounds=20
like "Dixie" during the years of the Klu Klux Klan..
The above is the open racist attacks on non-Swedes. However racism     =20
which is hidden under the surface is generally widespread throughout=20
the country. "Nigger" and "Blackskull" has become the general=20
reference among the general population, in talking about people who's=20
skin is of another colour. In fact you don't even have to be black,=20
a Turk, a Iranian, a Latin American with brown skin are treated as=20
second and third class citizens. In fact if you talk with an accent=20
in Sweden today, it is enough to get your head bashed in or your=20
house attacked!
Everyday practically there are reports of new incidents of open=20
racist  terror or hidden racist practice. How can the United Nations=20
turn a blind eye to those events. In fact by giving Sweden a prize=20
for equality, is basically like giving George Wallace a prize during=20
the sixties for raising the status of equal rights for white middle
-class women in Alabama!
Today in Sweden we are talking about 15% of the population that do=20
not have a job. Over 500,000 people are directly unemployed or are=20
in some sort of job education program. However that figure does not=20
give a true picture of reality. In fact in many of the larger cities=20
80% (!) of the non-Swede population do not have jobs. In fact=20
non-Swedes, procentually, are the overwhelming majority of unemployed,=20
those on welfare, or in job training.
Today it has become common place that if you are not a Swede, then=20
you don't get a job...People who have worked in the areas which=20
before relied on non-Swedes, such as cleaning toilets, changing=20
bedpans or taking care of the mentally undeveloped, have become=20
nearly total Swedish workplaces. Today a non-Swede has a chance of=20
getting a job as a snowball in hell. The only area where this has=20
not become norm, is the picking of strawberries, during the=20
strawberry season. That area has been reserved for east Europeans=20
and non-Swedes. Because it is a lot like picking cotton in the=20
south during slavery or picking grapes in California, which is=20
usually reserved for the Mexicans who illegally come to the United=20
States to pick.
This is discrimination on a broad level. Although you will never=20
hear a Swedish employer say that "you do not get the job because=20
your skin is black"   or " because you have an accent" the fact is=20
that non-Swedes do not get jobs.
However if your skin is black and you want to go out to a club and=20
have a beer or go dancing, you will be turned back at the door with=20
"only members allowed". This means whites only...This white only=20
policy has become fairly widespread in many areas of nightlife Sweden.=20
So if your skin is black or brown you stay home or organise parties=20
with your own kind.
Discrimination appears in all walks of life and levels of government.=20
The percentage of non-Swede participation in leading positions in=20
government is basically zero%. The same goes for government on the=20
local level. Now really, how could anyone believe that the Swedes=20
deserve a prize for equality from the United Nations. I mean for=20
twenty percent of the population, we are a statistic: either=20
unemployed, on welfare, or deported from Sweden.
Segregation in the living areas and schools in the large cities and=20
even        large towns has become a serious problem, if not general=20
praxis. There are areas        in Stockholm, Malm=F6 or Ume=E5, where=20
most if not all Swedes have moved out. There are classes in school=20
where there is not one Swede. In fact these areas are considered the=20
Swedish ghettos with high unemployment, high welfare, high crime=20
rates, and 98% non-Swede.
In fact this segregation is generally recognised both by the=20
population in general and Swedish politicians. However nothing is=20
being done that can      change the situation to the better. Instead,=20
policies by the government, of cutting unemployment and welfare=20
benefits are in general making economic and living conditions worse=20
for people. This tends to increase the rate of segregation. What we=20
are seeing here are the future Watts and Harlem's of Sweden! In fact=20
the only thing lacking is the cry of "Burn Baby Burn" which perhaps=20
will come in the next 5 or 10 years.
Internationally Sweden has been known as a "Social Welfare State"=20
of the more progressive type. In 1972 when I first came to Sweden=20
this claim was      perhaps true. However this is the 90ties and=20
reality is in fact, of a fastly growing racist, discriminating=20
and segregated society here.

bhay at wrote:

>I'm not sure whether you are just trolling to enrage some on this ng.  If=
>not, you appear to have the IQ of a tomato plant.... Irrespective, if you=
>are that disenchanted with this country, why don't you consider leaving..=
>Maybe Ethiopia would better suit your needs... and you could get an=20
>autograph from Sally Struthers.... Another champion of the sick, poor and=

Ha Ha, very funny. Why go to Ethiopia or Somalia. People are starving=20
in America. And in Somalia even Adid whip the ass off of the Americans.=20
Just think what a dtermined effort by the millions of poor and working=20
class people in America could do!



"David G. Hughey" <dhughey at> wrote:

>It is only through the efforts of the productive that anyone has=20
>anything.  If you steal capital from the rich and give it to the=20
>undeserving, the undeserving will waste it.  To paraphrase, it is far=20
>better to teach a man to fish than to just give him the fish.

Oh we don,t want the capital. We want the factories and the banks and=20
distribution systems. We want to take it all from the rich and powerful..=20
Only by expropriating everything in the means of production and services=20
and reorganising it in the interests of poor and working class people can=20
we garantee that all will be treated fairly..

>Oh, of course.  Of course you would be part of a collective leadership.=20
> So that individual leaches such as yourself can sit up on the podium=20
>and shout out dogma while the poor stupid masses who actually believed=20
>your crap are out slaving and gathering the crops to feed your=20
>intellectual behind.
 Replacing it with a government of poor and working class people
 elected through their own popular organs of insurrection like the
 Paris Commune..

But that is far to fetched for our right wing orator. He would much=20
rather have the present system where the poor and working class have=20
no representation at all!


m64032 at wrote:

>You're reciting a liberal myth.  I wasn't poor, and I wasn't "sent" to
>Vietnam.  I volunteered for the Navy on my eighteenth birthday, then
>volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam.  When the Mobile Riverine Force
>was given to the RVNs, I volunteered to stay awhile longer.  Please,
>give some of us credit for patriotism and a sense of duty.  Those words
>give liberals a rash, but don't you develop the same alergy.

 "I" does not make the truth. I also joined the Navy and volenteered for=20
this and that. But the majority of people joined or were drafted from poor=
and working class backgrounds because the middle class and Clinton were=20
running off to Canada and England to dodge the draft.

In fact i defended and still defend the Vets including myself. The point=20
is that we were used as pieces of meat so the rich could make huge profits=
off the war.


John Bergsing <tomcat at> wrote:

>No Malecki, YOU'RE WRONG! Creating jobs is "giving a handout". You'll=20
>never figure that one out until you pull your head out of your ass!

Expropriating everythin from the rich and powerful is not a "hand out"
either. But far more effective an effective way of fighting for a=20
real equal and just America for all..

But you would not understand that because you are defending a system=20
which is completely bankrupt and lets millions of its own citizens=20
starve to death while singing the star spangled banner!


Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my

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