The Evolution of Cuban Communism or Cuban Socialism?

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Tue Aug 6 12:30:01 MDT 1996

Louis N Proyect wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Aug 1996 TimW333521 at wrote:
> >
> > Cuba has never developed "working class forms of rule" as the SWP predicted.
> >  In fact it became a one party state dominated by the personality of Fidel.
> >  Despite this situation it has achieved some very positive reforms for its
> > people.  I have been there and seen both sides of the reality.  Yet it
> > remains totay very far from what we as socialists should be advocating as the
> > alternative to capitalism
> >
> Louis: I love how people can analyze 35 years of revolutionary history in
> a single paragraph.

I am looking forward to your piece about Che Guevara. When is it coming?

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