Is the marxism list dying?

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Tue Aug 6 12:24:41 MDT 1996

malgosia askanas wrote:
> Lou, if we are politically inexperienced (as we are), and you have some
> constructive ideas on how to improve the Spoon marxism-lists situation,
> give us advice.  What lists do you think we _should_ have?  How should they
> be run?
> I don't think there are very many politically experienced collectives
> out there who know how to organize an optimal setup for the discussion
> of marxism.  So let's try to work on Spoon getting better at it, no?

Hello Malgosia,

I am writing as someone who is fairly new to this list, so I do not have
the experience to advise you as to what you should do, but I can see what
the problems are.

There are basically two groups of people on the list:

 One group is prepared to discuss, and debate different ideas on the
development of Marxism in a spirit of solidarity; recognising that we may
have different  views on particular subjects, but that we are basically
on the same side. These are probobly the majority.

The other group seems to have the role of attacking and slagging-off just
about anything that anyone other than themselves has to say. This often
provokes the reaction that they intend to provoke. Basically because they
see that they have very little in common with the rest of the list, who
they see as traitors to the cause.

We end up in an inward looking negative discussions that do nothing to
advance the greatest cause of humankind. We should be doing more to show
solidarity with each other, and with our brothers and sisters who are
dieing at this moment for the advancement of our class. I think that some
people get locked in to this cyber world, and forget who our real enemies
are. The real enemies of the people are the murdering bastards sitting in
the Whitehouse or Downing Street, and their backers in Wall Street and
the transnational corporations. They are killing our people every minute,
just as surely as if they held a smoking gun in their own hands.

What about the children who starve in Africa, or are abused in Bankok?
What about the old people who die every Winter because they have to
choose between eating or keeping warm?
What about the workers in every country who are told that their standard
of living has to be cut even further because of "foreign competition",
while their masters are raking in more millions than we can possibly
imagine for themselves?

If the genuine Marxists on this list allow themselves to get dragged into
petty arguements by the "sad brigade", then we are neglecting our duty.
I am not trying to be holier than thou about this, because I have been
just as guilty.

Best wishes,

      New Worker Online

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