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Tue Aug 6 15:36:24 MDT 1996

Karl: The problem with Spoon Collective is that is has no clearly
established policy, structures nor procedures. Neither has it a

Without the above conditons subscribers are never clear as to their
rights and responsibilities. Consequently there can obtain on the
mailing lists para-anarchy entailing confusion and misunderstanding.
This state of affairs hinders the development of debate and
consequently individual and collective development. By this means the
Spoon Collective serves the interest of capitalism. Instead of the
Spoon lists forming a revolutionising cyberspatial community they are
reduced to the nebulous conditon of Brownian motion.

Spoon operates in a higgeldy-piggledy manner. The upshot is that
some of the moderators can act in a whimsical way privileging this
subscriber and expelling that subscriber and whatever else they may
get up to.This can lead to abuse of the positon of mdoeratorship.

There is also a problem concerning the character of the moderators
themselves. Since there is no clearly established appointments system
they are often, it seems, appointed in a whimsical fashion.
Consequently the Spoon Lists dont always obtain moderators with the
necessary qualities of leadership, wisdom and political experience.
Given the theoretical nature of the Lists they often lack the
necessary theoretical capacity too.

Essentially Spoon's problem is a political one. Because of the lack
of political vision the Spoon leadership lacks clear vision and
direction. In other words the people running Spoon dont know why
there is a family of Spoon mailing lists and consequently lack the
capacity to delineate the character of their mutual relationship to
each other. In short they have no clearly developed concept as to
what the mailing lists are about. In other words they lack clearly
defined political motivation which means that they do not recognize
that in cyberspace and within spoonspace the class struggle is being
waged in however mediated a form: A struggle to turn netspace into
revolutionary or imperialist space.

I want the Spoon Collective to clearly answer the following
questions to all its subscribers:

Who owns the Spoon Collective and how do these people own it? What
procedures exist for appointing moderators? How does Spoon function
as a collective? What are the decsion making procedures of this

Until these answers are clearly and publicly answered Spoon is not
going to develop in a positive direction. When they are anwered then
I suggest that there is established a conference or mailing list in
which the entire character of Spoon is thrown open to debate among
the entire subscriber population. After a reasonable period of
discussion decisions must be reached through democratic procedures
involving all subscribers.Without being preemptive as to how this is
done in the detail, my principal aim is the encouragement of open
and democratic debate and decision making. In this way Spoon stands
the best chance of developing in a healthy direction therby making a
contribution, even if perhaps a modest one, to the development of

Spoon at this juncture is at a transitional point in its lifeline..
It can choose to go backwards into sclerosis or forwards into the
future. It can move with history, even nudging it along, or against
it. If Spoon makes the correct choice it may prove itself a
revolutionary pioneer in this relatively new space. At present, even
if in a highly mediated way, the class struggle has transposed itself
onto this fifth dimension. Consequently  being fought out on the
plains of cybrspace is a struggle between the bourgeoise and the
working class over territory. Marxists must fight imperialism on this
fresh site in order to prevent it from colonising all of cyberspace.
Imperialism's total colonisation of cyberspace is, in some ways, even
more ominous than its economic expansion. Cyberspatial expansion
means not only control over human labour and technology which, in a
sense, is confined to inscribing itself along the surface of being
but vertical control. The latter means imperialism's further
penetration into human consciousness and thereby into the very being
of the worker. If the bourgeoisie succeed here then there will exist
an almost totally reified working class.

The struggle for cyberspace is not merely the struggle to control
information it is also a struggle on the part of the imperialist
bourgeoisie to acquire the means through which to further subdue the
working class. It is a struggle to intensify the reification of the
working people of the world. We must resist this by combatting
attempts to reify debate on the Spoon mailing lists.

So let us now struggle to revolutionise the Spoon Collective by
fighting for its democratrisation. Unfurl the red banners and march
forward with bayonets pointed! Comrades to arms!

                                                      Karl Carlile

                              Yours etc.,

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