"Reification of the working people"

Chris Burford 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Wed Aug 7 00:40:31 MDT 1996

My post challenging Karl to clarify the purpose and methods of
marxist engagement with the Foucault l'st was of course written before
I had read his "CLARION CALL" which was distributed just before
mine. The two approaches to using this democratic space serviced
by Spoons could hardly be more different. I liked the contrast.

Could Karl now explain what he means  by the
"reification of the working people"

"The struggle for cyberspace is not merely the struggle to control
information it is also a struggle on the part of the imperialist
bourgeoisie to acquire the means through which to further subdue the
working class. It is a struggle to intensify the reification of the
working people of the world. We must resist this by combatting
attempts to reify debate on the Spoon mailing lists.

So let us now struggle to revolutionise the Spoon Collective by
fighting for its democratrisation. Unfurl the red banners and march
forward with bayonets pointed! Comrades to arms!


I agree very much with Karl that cyberspace is an area of
struggle. The attitudes of the agents of capital are very clear.

But what is this about the "reification of working people"?

Would-be-marxists believe that working people actually exist
concretely. It is ideas that may

 be reified. IMO the passage above
says a lot about Karl's attempts to reify his extremely abstract
*idea* of working people.

It would be consistent with his
attempt to use the Foucault l'st as one embodiment of
ideological evil, and his inability to engage with actual
concrete people in all their complexity in interactive argument.

It is an idealist failure to understand the relationship between
the abstract and the concrete.

There are some good marxist texts on it, Karl!
Others may also be able to suggest titles better than myself.
You could even set up a study circle, or join one.

Please don't damage our relationship with Spoons, at least until
you have found a better alternative.



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