Quispe takes advantage of prisoners

Maoist Internationalist Movement mim3 at blythe.org
Wed Aug 7 08:38:17 MDT 1996

Just a quick note on Quispe's posts
>from prisoners questioning MIM
on its decision to expose the Quispe cop.

MIM publications are banned in the prison system
that the Prison Legal News writer resides in.
There have been so many complaints about this
>from prisoners there that the ACLU decided to
add this question in to one of its suits.

For this reason, MIM intends to give prisoners
more time to come to decisions about Quispe.
If they say they haven't seen any proof
that Quispe is a cop, we can't be surprised.
MIM documents are regularly prevented from
reaching prisoners.

MIM literature is the most frequently censored
lit. in the united states. We invite legal-minded people
to give us a hand in fighting the many legal battles
that even Mao said we would have to fight  in the imperialist

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