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Wed Aug 7 08:57:23 MDT 1996

On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Doug Henwood wrote:

> This list isn't dead exactly; it's staggering about, undead.
> Its best use right now is comic relief. The "photos" incident was one of
> the funniest moments in my experience of cyberspace; the ravings of the
> various hacks and loons (you know who you are) are almost always good for
> at least a chuckle.

Louis: The list has always been like a morning daily with news, editorials
and comics. What has happened is that lately each issue has 48% editorials
(Rodwell, Malecki, etc.), 48% comics (Malecki, Martens) and 2% news.

I will hang out here until the Spoons collective pulls the plug. What is
sad is that effective political leadership could have anticipated a lot of
our problems and prevented them. If there's anything clear from this
experience, it is that the topic "Marxism" can attract all sorts of poorly
integrated personalities. My excuse, of course, is that I make sure to
post thoughtful analyses in between my sardonic asides.

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