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malgosia askanas ma at
Wed Aug 7 09:14:43 MDT 1996

Chris wrote:

> About technology, if Malgosia is reading, I still think that tweaking
> the software to reduce the speed of retorts would be useful.
> (The half life of adrenaline in the blood is 15 minutes). And I
> do think it would be better if new subscribers were automatically
> put on digest *unless* they had a special request to go on
> instant, instead of the other way round.

Both of these would require a good deal of work.  But what _would_ be
easy to do (and we've discussed this possibility before) is to run the
list _only_ in digest form, so _everybody_ would be subbed to the digest.
This, I think, would effectively accomplish both of your desiderata.


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