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Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Wed Aug 7 09:22:16 MDT 1996

Hans, apparently no longer in hiding from the "PCP hit squads"
he was worried about earlier this year, writes:

>It would be unethical and unprofessional for a journalist to represent
>things as facts which he or she cannot prove, or even to suggest to
>the reader his pet interpretation of things.  Ken is giving those
>facts he is sure about, and he is representing them in a neutral
>manner, allowing the readers to draw their own conclusions.

Well, here's about as succint a summation of the ideology of
bourgeois journalism as we've seen in this discussion so far.
Even the pig Campbell would probably have the sense not
to defend himself in these terms!  "I'm a journalist, I report the
news" or some such crap!  The idea that this presentation of
"information" is "neutral" -- or even could be neutral -- is the
sort of thing I'd expect to see posted in soc.culture.running-dogs,
not a Marxism list.  Even a child knows that a bourgeois
journalist is about two steps removed from a cop.

Campbell is exposing people -- who may not even be involved
in Peru support work -- to harrassment and/or deportation by
his cop bosses, and torture and/or death by his buddies in
the Fujimori regime.  He's also exposing himself: as an enemy
of progressive people everywhere.

Does this mean he gets a paycheck from the intelligence services?
I doubt it.  Why should they bother to pay this scumbag for what
he'll happily do for free?  After all, in his estimation, his *ego* is
more important than the revolutionary struggle in Peru.

As Gina has pointed out, there is no "investigation" of any
sort relevant to the political struggle in Campbell's bit of
snitchery.  That you are willing to label this poison a tonic
says a lot about *you* Ehrbar.  You should be ashamed.

-- Matt "Have you seen the little piggies..." D.

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