Low Intensity Warfare

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at turk.net
Wed Aug 7 08:45:29 MDT 1996

Hello again Rakesh,

I am currently reading more about Low Intensity Warfare. It is a general
strategy, it has different applications in imperialist countries, in the
third-world, in the ex-Soviet bloc.

>Given the omnibus conception of terrorism that Hatch's paranoid estimate
>reveals (host David Brinkley seemed to be skeptical as well), it seems to
>me that Hatch is not so much worried about a few militant Islamic groups,
>another unabomber or even a few unabubbas--as much as forms of direct
>action  among the masses.

This I agree with, low intensity warfare is low intensity civil war.

>It is not forgotten here that even pacifist religious Central American
>solidarity and sanctuary groups have been targets of FBI probes.

Exactly here. I think the real left had better take a hard look at the roles
of many NGOs. Much has changed since the end of 70s. I read the NACLA thread
by Lou with interest. It echoes our sentiments here about many "neutral"
organisations. They have, generally, become subtle tools in the propaganda
war. The techniques are interesting, new and hard to fight against.

>It does seem that opposition to this anti-terrorism bill will unite
>radicals from the right and left.

C'mon my friend, pray tell what is a radical from the right? I refuse to use
the term for anything but the left, and free radicals.

Anyhow, the moral of the story I think is that all front organisations, or
third-party NGOs must steer clear of any direct, indirect government/state
and/or capitalist money and/or support. No research projects and funds, very
limited humanatarian cooperation. I'm not saying this out of left-wing
infantilism, I am emphasising the need to keep independent.

Anyone have any suggestions for reading or comments? I'll post in more
detail when we get more results from the debate here.

I repeat, the question is valid for communists in the imperialist countries.
It is not just the problem of the Turks, Kurds, Peruvians, Mexicans,
Indonesians etc.. As neo-liberal policies undermine the benefits/rights of
the workers in the "metropol" countries, similar methods will be applied
more and more.


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