Spoon Collective

Lisa Rogers LROGERS at deq.state.ut.us
Wed Aug 7 11:20:06 MDT 1996

Karl, nobody "owns Spoon", except maybe themselves.  It's just people
who set up lists or not, according to their own desires.  We're not a
"public service organization", and your demands do not constitute an
obligation on Spoon's part to begin to mimic bourgeois democracy.
Each list has a "moderator", and each mod is a member of Spoon.

I resist any notion of trying to put some legalistic structure onto
Spoon, and I don't see any way that anyone can make it happen, no
matter what color their banners are or how many bayonets they
sharpen.  So I suggest you give it a rest, including the rousing
military metaphor.

Chris, I don't know what you mean by saying something about Karl
"endangering our relation with Spoon."  If this list were fulfilling
_no_ desire of _any_ Spooner/moderator, and was not considered a
worthwhile project by any Spooner, it would not be because of Karl,
or any other annoying people, IMO, but the list _would_ be over.

This is all my own assessment, of course.


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