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>This list isn't dead exactly; it's staggering about, undead.
>Its best use right now is comic relief. The "photos" incident was one of
>the funniest moments in my experience of cyberspace; the ravings of the
>various hacks and loons (you know who you are) are almost always good for
>at least a chuckle.
>It's all so funny you could almost forget the world's a wreck and the
>prestige of Marxism is at its lowest point ever.
>Oh, no, scratch that last bit of pessimism - I forgot:
>>We may be seeing the beginning of the obvious
>>confirmation of the PCP's assertion that the world is in the stage of
>>strategic offensive of the world revolution!

What is at its lowest point ever is the prestige of "marxists", not of
Marxism. In fact the bourgeois have nothing to counterpose to Marxism,
besides Reader Digest type of innuendo and repetitious charges alla Orwell.

Why then - and leaving alone the infantile assertions of Gina which are in
no way related to the reality of the question of the strategic offensive of
the world revolution and contribute nothing to elucidate its meaning, its
consequences, etc. beyond empty bragaddoccio - are the "Marxists" at such
low ebb?

That is really an interesting question, and relates to the very opposite
factors of what Gina pretends to assert.  In my mind, it pertains to this
factor: That, true, we live in the era of the "50 to 100" years of the
strategic offensive of the world revolution.  True, the People's War in
Peru, and the stirrings of other such armed struggles in many other parts of
the world, the upswings of proletarian class struggle and the growing
troubles of the imperialist system in sustaining its reactionary world
order, are harbingers of the great potential of the coming revolutionary
wave which is already beginning, but what the starry-eyed wind-bags cannot
see is that WITHIN strategic offensives there can be, and in fact there are,
periods of counter-offensive, and even restorations on the part of the
decaying classes.

That is what Chairman Gonzalo, who is a Marxist revolutionary and not a
Yankee cheerleader, establishes:

"But would it not be correct to consider that we are going through a general
counter-revolutionary offensive?  Why do we say this?  Because everyone is
attacking the revolution, the democratic revolution, the socialist
revolution, attacking revolutionary violence, the people's war.  They are
attacking the communist party, socialism, the dictatorship of the
proletariat and they are attacking the goal, communism"

"They say that the facts have demonstrated that socialism is no longer
valid, that socialism does not exist, that it has failed".

"But we must remind them that in the 50s there was a socialist camp, that
the victory of the Chinese revolution meant a momentous change in the
correlation of forces in the world and that never had been in history a
social system capable of changing so deeply and so rapidly the rotten
capitalist and feudal structures than that which existed in the USSR and in

"We must remind them too, that socialism in the USSR unfolded under Lenin
and under comrade Stalin until the usurpation of power by the revisionist
Khrushchev, and that the situation in China was similar, where socialism
lasted until 1976 when, after the death of Chairman Mao, DEng Xiao-ping
carried out a counter-revolutionary revisionist coup d'etat".

"And we must remind them, also, that if we are to count from 1848 when Marx
and Engels (who were only but two people) wrote the immortal Manifesto of
the Communist Party, laying down the fundamentals of scientific socialism
and then, from 1917 when this socialism was first implemented, we can see
that socialism is young, it has had but a short life and today continues to
exist as an experience.  It lives on in Communists and the revolutionaries
of the world, it lives on as an ideology and as a praxis.  Also, it lives in
us, the communists and revolutionaries of Peru".


"If we are conscious that in revolutions there are restorations and even
regressions, we should not be surprised at the existance of a general
counter-revolutionary offensive.  Moreover, we must correctly characterise
it in order to handle and defeat it".

"The attacks upon Marxism have always been a prelude for its further
development and advance.  Let us remember our thesis of 1979: "As far as we
know at present, fifteen thousand million years of the process of matter in
movement leads us towards the inexorable march of communism".

"This is the reality so let us grasp this law well and carry it forward.
Our aim, communism, is not an idea outside the material process.  It is a
part of it.  It originates from this process and constitutes its
perspective.  There is no other class with the historical perspective of the

"The bourgeoisie was once a revolutionary class but it has already become
historically obsolete and it is wildly clawing and hissing like a wounded
beast.  This rabid behaviour is the price of its destruction.  It feels
itself sinking, it knows itself to be unburied carrion, but although its
grave is already open and waiting, it resists its burial at the hands of the

"This last monster engendered by the bourgeoisie, imperialism, the oppressor
of the world's people, must be swept off the face of the earth together with
revisionism and world reaction".

"Our role, the role of the proletariat and the people, is to bury it.  It is
the necessary task in our historical perspective.  We must always have this
absolute conviction: We shall smash the bourgeoisie and bury imperialism! -
imperialism and all its partners and servants".


"Therefore the issue is to develop the world revolution.  To develop the
world revolution can only mean applying it, realising it in practice. What
has been said today is a profound truth - how many we are is not the
fundamental thing.  The important question is if we want to carry it out or not"

"Yesterday, in 1848, Marx and Engels were but two people, today, 143 years
later, we are millions throughout the world. Yesterday we had nothing.
Today we have two great historical experiences rich in lessons, experiences
which are present, which are alive in us, in the proletariat and in the peoples"


Therefore, yes, we live in the era in which imperialism will be buried and
socialism will succeed.  But we are also going thru a counter-revolutionary
offensive of the imperialism bourgeoisie.  For that we need to uphold AND
develop Marxism bearing in mind what Chairman Gonzalo - like Lenin -
emphasises "It is not possible to fight against imperialism without fighting
against revisionism".  And we must uphold and develop Marxism by basing
ourselves in the re-affirmation of its achievements, of the great
revolutions its has generated in the great enrichments of the science of the
proletariat which are embodied in the contributions of the proletarian
revolutionary leaders this century, particularly Lenin and Mao Tse-tung.

In my opinion, what is dying in the list is Revisionism!  The attempts on
the part of a number of people to superseed Marxism one way or another in a
revisionist direction, denying Marx, denying Engels, denying Lenin or
Chairman Mao have failed and everyone can see them now as empty repetitions
of vacuous formulas.

But up to now we have carried out only a war against revisionism from the
"Right".  I do not see many people here anymore adopting "pacifist
positions" or rejecting the "armed struggle" as was formerly the case -
except of course for a couple of Reader's Digest types who are here on
sufferance of this experiment.

Now it is time to carry out a war in this list against revisionism from the
"Left" - from the anarchist and lumpen schools which disguise themselves
under ALL flags!

As Chairman Gonzalo puts it:  "All this leads us to: Defeating the
counter-revolutionary general offensive"


PS: Quotes are from "On The Rectification Campaign"  Central Committee PCP,

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