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Karl Carlile joseph at indigo.ie
Wed Aug 7 15:00:37 MDT 1996

Karl: Thank you for replying Lisa.

However your response is far from satisfactory. You say Spoon simply
consists of people who set up lists according to their own desires.
Yet there must be people in Spoon who decide whether they allow
certain lists to be formed on Spoon or not. Form what you say my
contention that Spoon exists in a higgledy-piggledy way seems

As I said to Hans if Spoon is not constituted by democratic
structures of either a bourgeois, petty bourgeois or proletariann
character then what character are its structures?

> Karl, nobody "owns Spoon", except maybe themselves.  It's just people
> who set up lists or not, according to their own desires.  We're not a
> "public service organization", and your demands do not constitute an
> obligation on Spoon's part to begin to mimic bourgeois democracy.
> Each list has a "moderator", and each mod is a member of Spoon.
> I resist any notion of trying to put some legalistic structure onto
> Spoon, and I don't see any way that anyone can make it happen, no
> matter what color their banners are or how many bayonets they
> sharpen.  So I suggest you give it a rest, including the rousing
> military metaphor.
> Chris, I don't know what you mean by saying something about Karl
> "endangering our relation with Spoon."  If this list were fulfilling
> _no_ desire of _any_ Spooner/moderator, and was not considered a
> worthwhile project by any Spooner, it would not be because of Karl,
> or any other annoying people, IMO, but the list _would_ be over.
> This is all my own assessment, of course.
> Lisa
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