Trotskyists in WW2, Peru

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 >>  You, and I mean here the adherents of your school were huddled in the
Orwell-Nazi-Japanese imperialist trenches calling for the overthrow of the
Soviet regime during the War Against Fascism! <<Adolpho O

 Jon Flanders:

  I have absolutely no desire nor the time to get into a flame war with you
Adolpho, but the statement that Trotskyists were all on the side of Hitler
during WW2 is simply wrong.

  Here in the US, the Socialist Workers Party split over the question of
defense of the Soviet Union, and it's leaders, who supported the defense
position, were jailed for their opposition to the war. Trotsky himself stood
for the defense of the SU to the end, and advised the SWP leaders in their
battle against the opposition.

  In Europe, Trotskyists for the most part ended up in Hitler's concentration
camps. Perhaps in the heat of the debate you engaged in a little rhetorical
overkill. But it doesn't help your case on Peruvian questions, matters of
immediate interest and solidarity, to paint with such a broad brush. Orwell,
by the way, was not a Trotskyist.

  I have a question that bothers me re Peru. The achievements of the Shining
Path always seem to be measured by the numbers of bombs and rockets set off. I
read very little of the kinds of mass mobilizations that are taking place in
other repressive societies like Turkey and Indonesia.

  If the PCP is not simply "background noise" re Doug's moneymen, where is the
evidence of mass popular support? The third world today is characterized by
vast urban comglomerations with much greater weight than the past. If the
construction of socialism ever succeeds, it will require the conscious
participation of the urban workers as leaders, not as a backdrop to rebels in
the countryside, right?

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