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>Karl: Gary, you entirely miss the significance of the events surrounding
>the mail of mine you refer to.
>I will very briefly outline some of these events.
>I had joined the Foucault List and made several interventions. As a
>result of my interventions I was mailbombed by moderators concerned
>with that List. I was verbally abused and then without any forewarning
>expelled from that List.
>I protested against this mailbombing and expulsion from that List. It
>is my conviction as a marxist that the correct thing to do was to
>expose the undemocratic nature of certain moderators on the List and
>call for my immediate reinstatement on that Foucault List.
>Marxism is not just about theoretical outpourings in cyberspace. It
>is about politics which entails attempting to expose the undemocratic
>character of instituions even if they possess mainly cyberspatial
>My view is that your criticsms should be directed at the moderators
>who abused their power by expelling me from the Foucault List. I find
>it ironic that I, the victim, am criticised by you and not the Spooon
>Concerning Ireland there is no reluctance on my part to discuss it at
>all  anymore than than I am reluctant to discuss the
>United States. The United States is a much more violent society than
>I apologised to Lisa because I made a mistake not because the essence
>of my messages concerning my victimization are incorrect.
>Concerning filtering out my messages that is your choice. But remember
>one thing! This recent messages I have sent out were a result of the
>abuse of power by Spoon moderators who were essentially backed up by
>the Spoon Collective. Given that you were so eager to criticse my
>actions I challenge you to exress on the List your opposition to
>Spoon actions against me.
>                                                       Karl
>rather than those responsible for this victimization.
My Dear Karl,

thank you for getting back to me.  Alas what can i say other than to repeat
that you should give over.  I know nothing about the foucault case and
withhold judgement, but comrade your behaviour on the M1 list would seem to
lend usupport to any urge to expel you.

I do not say that to offend you, but honestly Karl you are locked into a
downward spiral of obsessiveness.  For fuck's sake snap out of it.  Trust
me. The way to do it is to turn the page and begin posting on a topic you
are genuinely interested in.  start with the Manifesto and I will try and
keep pace with you.  How is that for an offer?  and as we progress thru a
thread on the Manifesto we will gather supporters and the other issues will
fade away?

*Please* consider.  You are too brilliant a man to spend your time in chorus
with malecki.

You can repost this to the list if you  wish.

sincere regards


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