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At 08:09 AM 8/6/96 -0400, you wrote:
>On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Gary MacLennan wrote:
>> You seem to have caught a fit of the cyber madness that is endemic to this
>> medium.  Please get over this obsession and get on with your theoretical
>> work.  I understand all too well  your reluctance to write about Ireland. I
>Louis: I am starting to wonder if we will always have one nervous
>breakdown or another going on the list, whether mine, Jerry Levy's or Karl
>Carlisle's. I think it is a function of the rather deeply intimate nature
>of the communications that take place on a daily basis and the physical
>remoteness of the people involved. Think about what it means for an
>Irishman in Australia to be in a dialog with Karl up on the parapets in
>Ireland while I try to mediate the situation with you and him. Not only do
>we share a common outlook on Karl's behavior, the subject of mental
>illness is one that we have been particularly close to.
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Ah well Lou that's the way things are.  Actually reading karl's stuff makes
me feel very depressed but quite sane.  I have answered an off-list post
>from him, but you are right  it is exactly Jerry Levy time again.

I personally still think we should

1. expel Malecki

2. expel Quispe

3. expel Gina

4. Give karl a last chance and then expel him.

5. Organise a seminar on colonialism.

I enjoyed your comments on Ehrbar and the dentist.  I hope the bastard suffered.



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