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<<  I think it is very important to find out exactally who these people
 who call themeselves the mpp really are. I think Ken is making a great
 contribution in unmasking these phony's and for that he deserves our
 support. Here's to ya Ken, I have really enjoyed the whole series of
 articles so far and I'm looking forward to the next installment.>>>

It's very important to find out what the POLITICAL LINE of activists
is, whether they call themselves MPP, CSP, or EYEnet.  The MPP -
U.S. has been putting out its political line in the New Flag for several
years.  You, on the other hand, have hardly ever articulated anything
that can be called a political line.  Your "polemics" consist of repeating
bull**** you've gotten from Adolfo.  There is no "unmasking" going on
in the EYEnet articles, no exposure of politics at all, just attempted

 >>>You must have gone nuts Gina. It is your filthy comrades who
 have done the fingering. You are using the most convaluted thinking
 trying to turn this around. No one is buying it. And have some respect
 for yourself please quit putting the KKK in front of Ken's name it is
 very childish and its making you look like a fool. >>>

You know damn well that it was Adolfo who tried to turn a mention of
political repression against some New Flag comrades into "fingering"
Julian.  On the other hand, Mr. KKK Campbell has very blatantly and
deliberately fingered names and addresses, information he has no
way of knowing whether it is even accurate or not.  If you defend this
pig work, you are the one who is lacking in self-respect.  As far as
altering names to make a point, look who's talking!

 >>> Gina there are many people who beleive that the people you
 are in with are the cops. I think Ken is doing his duty as a Marxist
 in investigating this bunch to expose them before the masses. I
 hope he is sucessful in this endevour. They have already caused
 enough damage in supporting the People's War.           Tony>>>

And, there are many people who believe in god, the devil, voting,
etc. So what's your point?  And who is this "many" you refer to?
Even in terms of the tiny number of people on this list, how many
have expressed concurrence with your assessment of who is a
"cop"?  Or mine for that matter?

And what "investigaton"?  Did Mr. KKK Campbell actually travel to
NYC to find out whether the "information" he got from whatever
sources had any relation to reality at all?  Toronto is not exactly
next door to Queens, if you've looked at a map lately.  I could easily
claim that you live at 4873 Second Ave in Detroit.  I could claim that
you bought the 2-flat from La Rose Realty in 1993 for $56,000 and
some change.  I could make it sound real official, like I did a lot of
resarch.  I could even describe how the front porch looks, and the
wood-paneled shower in the uppor flat bathroom.   How would anyone
know there is no such address unless they actually tried to find it?

On the question of causing damage in supporting the People's War,
I'll believe you have a right to speak on that when I see you DOING
something to support the People's War.  You guys haven't even
managed to POST anything new from EDI for a month or more, let
alone get it into print and distribute it to the masses!  Nor have you
reproduced and distributed even the WMC Call, (outside of
cyberspace, that is) nor any other literature, flyers, or anything.

Gina/ Detroit

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