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In a message dated 96-08-05 22:23:23 EDT, Adolfo writes:

<< The comrade forwarding us this information makes the following
 comment which we reproduce since it help to show what depths of
 self-delusion can be plumbed by the Avakian/Sol Rojo/Kisspee

>>> Comment:  These are just very brief excerpts, but the message
 is clear, that the CC of the PCP cannot handle this struggle, or
 admit to its existance.  The Articles are by CoRIM.  An avakianist
 that I kicked out of my house yesterday morning insisted that the
 "PCP had to answer to RIM"  they "had to do what RIM tells them".

 Adolfo Olaechea >>

Sorry pal, but supporting this line of crap is NOT something you
can pin on the New Flag.  Check out the current issue, p. 37-38,
the article titled "Co-RIM and RCP's Revisionism" (a very DIRECT
repudiation of the political line of the RW article you mention,
published a month earlier than the RCP rag), signed, Peru People's
Movement,  January 1996, and p. 38-41, "Extracts of the Criticism
of Co-RIM by a Supporter in France", April 1, 1996.

So shut your mouth, you're nothing but a blustering fool, Adolfo!


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