About the need to criticize capitalist democracy

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at marx.econ.utah.edu
Thu Aug 8 06:58:42 MDT 1996

I ignored Karl's question:

Karl> If there are to be no
Karl> bourgeois, petty bourgeois or proletarian democratic structures
Karl> on Spoon then what kind of procedures are on Spoon!

because I thought it was based on a theoretical error.
Not every structure in capitalism has to fit into these
categories.  You are right that every social structure
created by people under capitalism is likely to be drawn
into the class struggle sooner or later, and then it is
forced to "take sides" in the way you describe above.
But I think we socialists can learn from the structures
which people spontaneously create for themselves,
because they show what social relations people *want* to have.

Karl> The point is that a
Karl> clearly established constitution based on principles of
Karl> democracy can only facilitate discussion.

The organization of the Spooners is a practical critique of
democracy.  A Marxist is in danger of not recognizing this,
because we do not criticize democracy enough theoretically.
This is why my contribution about democracy was right on

Karl> Yours etc., Karl

Take care of yourself, Karl.


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