Wall Street on Peru

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Thu Aug 8 08:35:27 MDT 1996

Mr Henwood again:

>.......I don't really know what the hell is going on in Peru, and I
>think a lot of the people who pretend to know don't really either....

A refreshing bit of candor.    Yes, what began last winter as a salutary
attempt to counteract much of the hostility toward the PCP on the official
left degenerated over time into a hardening of the arteries in both camps.
Sadly, it is the PCP supporters themselves who are largely to blame;  we
came ourselves to be a caricature of the most bizzare stereotypes of
"Sendero"--didactic,  narrow-minded, obstinate and mean.    Looking back
over my own posts from that period,  I fail to find a single "defense" of
the PCP that was not framed as some sort of attack--on Amnesty
International,  "Senerologists",  NACLA,  liberals,  Yale alumni,  NBC News,
etc.    Worthy targets to be sure, but only in a context of honestly
presented facts and reasoned analysis.    We were, and are, innocent in many
respects of both,  and this may account in some measure for the enthusiasm
with which we then proceeded to shoot each other up.

Reliable information on Peru is damnably hard to come by.    I frequently
receive from Lima three or four accounts of the same action or event that
are so inconsistent it is difficult to believe that the correspondents are
in the same country, much less in a single locale and actually reporting.
El Diario Internacional is the best source on the People's War,  in my view,
but it is of a necessity limited by time and circumstance (it is published
in Brussels).     There is a need--on this list and elsewhere--for
consistent and credible data on Peruvian affairs from a revolutionary
perspective.    One or two posts a week from some sympathetic and well
positioned source on the day to day situation in revolutionary Peru would be
worth more than a hundred quotation-laden messages from this or that
supporter.     We have succeeded in bringing the People's War to the
attention of the Marxism List, scarcely an adequate recompense for our own
failure to inform, analyze, and persuade.

Louis (G)

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