Rahul Mahajan rahul at peaches.ph.utexas.edu
Thu Aug 8 10:16:23 MDT 1996

>I personally still think we should
>1. expel Malecki
>2. expel Quispe
>3. expel Gina
>4. Give karl a last chance and then expel him.
>5. Organise a seminar on colonialism.

Gary, even if we assume for the sake of argument that expulsion is a
reasonable option (my opinion is that it is for various liars we have had
on the list, but not for mere obnoxious meatheads like Malecki), what has
Gina done to merit expulsion? True, she takes an absurd political line (and
Mao taught us political line is key), but that's not a reason in itself.
Yes, she's defended Quispe a few times, but I don't think that makes her
guilty of his/her/its crimes. The Maoists have split into two armed camps,
mostly over nonsense, but partly over some substantive issues. If you want
the second biggest offender, after Quispe, look to the other side. At any
rate, lumping in idiots like Malecki and Carlile with lying anti-semites
like Quispe doesn't do you much credit.

A seminar on colonialism sounds good. Do you mean paleo- or neo-?


Adolfo, if you're listening, yes, I'm referring to you. You're an
intelligent person and someone who cares a great deal about Peru, so
presumably you could accomplish something worthwhile if you didn't let your
gigantic ego get in the way all the time. Forget about slandering other
people, and give us some actual political material.

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