Tony on The return of Don Azcueta --er, I mean Don Adolfo!

Thu Aug 8 11:29:27 MDT 1996

You wrote:
>It's very important to find out what the POLITICAL LINE of activists
>is, whether they call themselves MPP, CSP, or EYEnet.  The MPP -
>U.S. has been putting out its political line in the New Flag for
several>years.  You, on the other hand, have hardly ever articulated
anything >that can be called a political line.  Your "polemics" consist
of repeating >bull**** you've gotten from Adolfo.  There is no
"unmasking" going on>in the EYEnet articles, no exposure of politics at
all, just attempted>snitchwork.
    What is the political line of the mpp? Their magazine the new flag
is composed mainly of reprints of PCP documents. It also fills a lot of
its space in attempts to refute senderologist and others who attack the
Peoples War. It also reports on military actions that the PCP has taken
and small section of letters to the new flag.
 What can we make of this?   First of all PCP documents are avaliable
>from a number of sources. You can't tell what their political line is
just because they reprint PCP documents. I mean the cia collected
massive amounts of Mao's writings and speechs and have made many of
them public, of course they didn't do this to promote Maoism.
    Their method of refuting senderologist resembles the way they
attack their opponents on this list. Name calling and personal attacks
with very little exposure of political line.
    In my opinion the new flag dosen't really say much at all, and what
it does say is very contridictary read the interview with sol rojo and
then the article "Co-rim and rcp's revisionism " try to make heads or
tails out of that.
   You also fail to mention the political line they have promoted on
the internet. Which reach's many more people than the small amount of
new flags that get distributed. That political line is pure and simple,
promote splitts and cause confusion amongst the supporters and would be
supporters of the peoples war.

>You know damn well that it was Adolfo who tried to turn a mention of
>political repression against some New Flag comrades into "fingering"
>Julian.  On the other hand, Mr. KKK Campbell has very blatantly and
>deliberately fingered names and addresses, information he has no
>way of knowing whether it is even accurate or not.  If you defend this
>pig work, you are the one who is lacking in self-respect.  As far as
>altering names to make a point, look who's talking!

   And you know damn well that Julian is not a comrade of the new flag.
It was quashpie's dispicable attempt to gain legitimacy at his expense.
Mr.Campbell has undertaken an attempt to discover what the new flag is
and what is their purpose. This infomation he has collected is a first
step that can be used to warn people to stay as far away as possible.
Yes I defend Ken and NO this is not pig work. I say once more
> >>> a Marxist
>And, there are many people who believe in god, the devil, voting,
>etc. So what's your point?  And who is this "many" you refer to?
>Even in terms of the tiny number of people on this list, how many
>have expressed concurrence with your assessment of who is a
>"cop"?  Or mine for that matter?
  Sorry Gina you fail to make a point here. There are reason's that
have occured in the material world that have lead many individuals and
organizations to the conclusion that the mpp is not to be trusted. It
is not just the people on this list, and you know that.

>And what "investigaton"?  Did Mr. KKK Campbell actually travel to
>NYC to find out whether the "information" he got from whatever
>sources had any relation to reality at all?  Toronto is not exactly
>next door to Queens, if you've looked at a map lately.  I could easily
>claim that you live at 4873 Second Ave in Detroit.  I could claim that
>you bought the 2-flat from La Rose Realty in 1993 for $56,000 and
>some change.  I could make it sound real official, like I did a lot of
>resarch.  I could even describe how the front porch looks, and the
>wood-paneled shower in the uppor flat bathroom.   How would anyone
>know there is no such address unless they actually tried to find it?

  How do you know Ken didn't travel to Queens? Anyway he didn't need to
he used sources who I beleive have the highest degree of integerty.

>On the question of causing damage in supporting the People's War,
>I'll believe you have a right to speak on that when I see you DOING
>something to support the People's War.  You guys haven't even
>managed to POST anything new from EDI for a month or more, let
>alone get it into print and distribute it to the masses!  Nor have you
>reproduced and distributed even the WMC Call, (outside of
>cyberspace, that is) nor any other literature, flyers, or anything.

   For one thing you don't know what the Peru Support Commitee has or
hasn't done. As I don't know what you have or haven't done. I see no
visable maniefastations of Gina working amongst the masses, but I don't
know. Do you have supernatural powers that allow you to see what other
activist are doing? I think not.
   As for  having no right to speak that is bullshit!!! I have been a
supporter of the Peoples War for over 5 years. We worked together to
set up a Peru support committee before we even heard of the new flag.If
your saying I don't have enough information about the PCP, Peoples War
etc.. you are a damned liar.

   One last thing to list members I apologizes for taking up so much
space in responding to this person. The question of the new flag, "the
Maoist Wars" etc... has already been settled on this list. From now on
gina will join her great leader quaspie, melecki and chris on my
instant delete list.


>Gina/ Detroit
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