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Thu Aug 8 17:56:38 MDT 1996

    I don't think we get new threads by calling out a topic, or giving
a list of topics, but simply by launching them on our own. At least one
out of four of such sallies get picked up and developed by others. Also,
during the last day or two new threads of interest have been sprouting.
I think things are looking up.

G Plant writes:

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> On the credit side, the news and information we got on the
> Turkey hunger strike was superior to anything I found anywhere
> else on the net.
> And in recent months we have had some good threads. "Revisiting
> old problems", "Expropriating the petty bourgeoisie", and what
> amounted to a major debate on state capitalism and the
> "leninist" party.
> How about us launching a discussion to identify and promote new
> good threads ? For example :
> 1.      Chris B thinks we have been making some progress in
> creating dialogue between trotskyists and maoists. I'm not so
> sure. I'd like to read something that sums up what this progress
> has been, and evaluates where it might go.
> 2.      New party initiatives - the US Labor Party, the UK SLP,
> Italian RC etc. What progress are they making, what do we think
> ought to be done in them, are they 'marxist' or do they need to
> be ? etc
> 3.      Structural unemployment - what does it mean in terms of
> organising the class, how does its impact vary across the planet
> ? etc
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