Life on Mars?

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Thu Aug 8 13:42:36 MDT 1996

A part of a poem, Nazim Hikmet again:

Are there other thinking creatures in the universe,
Perhaps in one of the stars,
I know not which one,
Our ambassador will speak to them,
I know not in which language,
Our ambassador will speak to them in one of the stars,



That's how our ambassador will start to speak,
That I know
S/he will say - Comrade,
I have not come to establish a base in your star,
Nor do I want preferential rights for fruits or oil,
I don't want to sell Coca Cola either

I have come to salute you,

Salute you
in the name of hopes of the earth
in the name of free bread and free carnations
in the name of happy work and happy rests,

To be able to say - all together
For everything except the cheek of the beloved**

In the name of the fraternity of the universe,
the nations and the cosmos,
and the planets

*Comrade in the original is used as "Tovarish", the Russian word for comrade.

** The poem was written, I think, in the 1950s or 40s when communists were
under great attack in this Muslim society for their "liberal" views on
women, and were rather defensive. Actually, the author of the poem was
renown for his jealousy, though I should say that his reputation as a "Don
Juan" was also great, as his passionate personality was reflected in his
poetry written for his succession of lovers, a rather longish list.


>>At 3:43 PM 8/7/96, Chris Burford wrote:
>>>Would Marxist theories of history be more robust? Or is
>>>a single human teleology a core feature of marxism?
>>We should immediately profess solidarity with the exploited unicellular
>>toilers on Mars!
>I am here quoting from memory - and please do not ask me to go get the exact
>quotation for this Martian affair, but I remember Chairman Mao saying that:
>"If ten thousand years from now people were to be found outside this earth
>of ours, then we ought to think about setting up a United Front with them too!

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