Fighting the Terrorism Law. Was Re: Wall Street on Peru

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Thu Aug 8 21:23:25 MDT 1996

Watch out for some more massive "anti-terrorist" laws in the U.S.  They've
been making the most of the airplane crash with speculation re:  a bomb when
they probably
knew from day one that it wasn't the cause
so they could whip up enough anti-terrorist support for some new
anti-terrorist legislation, to include, inter alia,
widespread new digital wiretapping capabilities.

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    Zeynep was just saying a day or so ago that activists in the imperialist
homelands might soon be subjected to "low intensity conflict," and the
possible use of the new "antiterrorism" law Doug mentions below would
certainly be close to an instance of such.

    I think that solidarity groups are and have been too important to
the left to back down though; as weak and divided as we now are, I
think such use of the antiterrorism law would have to be fought by
deliberately violating it. We need to discuss thoroughly the gritty
details in advance.

    Along these lines, what does anyone on this list know about the
resistance movement (called "Tigers"?) in Tamil? Are they a movement
we should be supporting?

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